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Capital for Creators

4 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Today’s investors are venturing beyond the typical tech entrepreneur. What's your fundraising plan?

Hosted by

Alice Loy

Founder & CEO of Creative Startups | Invested in 28 creative companies

Course overview

Investors aren’t just for tech, anymore.

Raising capital is a creative process. Creators are poised to dominate the next wave of growth companies.

Who is this course for


Creators building growth brands


Creative founders ready to scale-up


Impact and social change leaders

Topics Covered

Growth Capital for Creatives

Understand Types of Capital and become comfortable speaking about startups and finance 

Biz Model & Numbers

Learn Which Numbers Matter to investors and how you calculate and present numbers clearly and simply 

Investors' Perspective

Gain Insight into Investors’ Perspectives and how they evaluate possible investments, grants, loans, and entrepreneurial teams

Pitching to Win

Pitch decks can make or break you capital raise effort. Build a dynamic, compelling pitch deck that excites investors

See what our alumni are saying

        “Everything that has fallen into place for us is a result of Creative Startups … we developed real clarity about all layers of the business. We were able to boil Meow Wolf down to a precise product that investors would recognize as valuable.”
Vince Kadlubek

Vince Kadlubek

Founder, Meow Wolf
        “This course gave me a better understanding of investors and what they are looking to know from me. From crafting a pitch to storytelling for investors, to explaining our full business model, this course made it clear. And fun!”
Ashlee Ammons

Ashlee Ammons

Co-founder, CEO, mixtroz
        “The depth and practicality of the content, the accessibility of the mentors - really - all of it rocked.”
Lee Francis, PhD

Lee Francis, PhD

Founder, Native Realities
        "I've taken a lot of online courses. This is one of the top 3 best. I'm struggling to suggest ways it could be better!"
Sam Langer

Sam Langer

Founder, TheGlint
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Capital for Creators

Meet your instructor

Alice Loy

Alice Loy

Alice is a pioneering champion of the creator economy and ardent supporter of creative visionaries building weird and wonderful companies. In 2013 Alice launched the world’s first startup accelerator for creatives and has since invested in 28 creative companies now valued at $400 million.

As first-check investor in companies including Meow Wolf, Embodied Labs, and ViaVii, she mentored founders who share her vision for equitable wealth creation. Her book, Creative Economy Entrepreneurs: From Startup to Success is used by entrepreneurs, accelerators and universities on five continents. Her journey from social justice activist to creator economy financier is bound by the common theme of building economic systems that value all humans equally.

Course syllabus


01: The Investor's Perspective

Investors can be an invaluable part of your team or drive you to despair— and maybe out of business. Being able to identify and attract the “right” type of money requires understanding sources and types of capital, and values and goals different investors work towards.


02: Know Your Numbers!

The numbers that shape your business model and will convince anyone that your company will be a great investment are straightforward. Using simple math and a few spreadsheets you will discover and define the most essential numbers investors want to dig deep on:

  • Cost of Customer Acquisition
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Projecting Cash Flows
  • Margins


03: Who’s the Hero Here?

It may surprise you to hear this but, you are not the only hero of your startups’ story! At least, not if you want to raise money from investors, peer lenders, or other types of backers. Anyone helping you grow your creative business wants to be a hero, too. And that’s a good thing— we all need an Obi-wan Kanobi or fellow fighters in the Rebellion.


04: Your Capital Raise Plan

You now have insight into investors’ priorities, a handle on the necessary numbers, and are shaping a knock-out pitch. It's time to put it all into action. Establish your goals, timeline, team roles, and draft a target list of potential investors.

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Capital for Creators

Putting creatives in the driver's seat

Active learning, not passive watching

No boring videos, no lengthy lectures. Instead, experiential learning through case studies, hands-on activities, and self-reflection.

A cohort of peers

Connect with other creators in breakout groups, class discussions, and in our online community.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Capital for Creators