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Launching Behavioral Science Projects

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Develop your first applied behavioral science project while learning the key knowledge and frameworks of the field.

Hosted by

Connor Joyce

BeSci Founding Member @ Microsoft & Tonal; Writer & Speaker, Researcher @ Twilio

Course overview

Generate value from applying behavioral insight in weeks!

⭐ You will learn behavioral science in the applied sense, focusing on the first steps to begin crafting yourself as the subject matter expert on your team. Concluding the course, you will be ready to implement your first project strategy and a learning plan to continue your knowledge and skill growth.

🏗️ Together we will move beyond just learning about frameworks and reading success stories. You will be empowered with the tactical knowledge to start something in your own role. This course is a 2-week sprint to build your first behavioral science project.

🛠️ If you have been interested in building a behavioral toolkit, this course is a clear path to doing so in a fun and interactive way. 

This course is for you if...


You are a PM who has read about a successful behavioral science project but are unsure how to replicate it in your work environment.  


You are a designer who has tried to start a behaviorally influenced project but became overwhelmed by the vastness of the field.


You are a market analyst who is bought into the benefit of applied behavioral science and are looking for assistance identifying your first

What you’ll get out of this course

Develop your own applied behavioral science project

You will utilize one of the templated project plans or create a custom one to construct a launch strategy that you will be able to implement to showcase the value behavioral science immediately brings to your team and organization. 

Skills to identify project opportunities

With a toolkit filled with frameworks, you will have the ability to evaluate your work context to pinpoint areas where the application of a behavioral intervention will yield more desirable user behavior.

Knowledge of the core tenant of applied behavioral science

Going through a crash course describing how the main components of behavioral science are most relevant to applied work, you will leave with a plan of what aspects you should spend more time learning.

A network of like-minded individuals

Working with other aspiring applied behavioral scientists on class projects, you will share knowledge and learn from each other. If you don't have a besci network, you will possess one after this course!

What people are saying

        I appreciated Connor’s guidance and support while I navigated the intersection of technology and behavioral science. He gave me great insight into applying behavioral science to the fast-paced world of tech and how I could create my own niche for this. He gave me tangible advice and connected me to the right people to ensure I was successful. 
Isha Jain

Isha Jain

UX Researcher @ Google
        Connor’s writings helped me conceptualize the role of Behavioral Science within a Product team, which enabled me to work better with cross-functional partners and identify areas where behavioral science can impact technology. He is an expert at the intersection of Behavioral Science and technology, as well as a kind mentor and valued colleague.
Michelle Handy

Michelle Handy

Senior Behavioral Scientist and User Researcher @ FM Global
        Connor has the ability to articulate complex behavioral science concepts and industry insights into simple and approachable information. His mentorship, as well as his extensive knowledge of the field, has provided me with incredible insight and enabled me to confidently carve out my career as a Behavioral Scientist. 
Alyssa Lampert

Alyssa Lampert

Behavioral Scientist @ Coachhub
        Connor’s articles encouraged me further to explore different perspectives on the field of behavioral science. He explains the rich concepts of behavioral science in terms that are easy to digest and then put into action. His content aligns well with his disruptive approach in the industry as the first behavioral researcher at Microsoft and Tonal.
Loizos Konstantinou

Loizos Konstantinou

Master of Behavioral Science Student

Meet your instructor

Connor Joyce

Connor Joyce

2x BeSci Practice Founder, Research Lead @ Twilio

Hello, my name is Connor, and I have served as the founding member of two behavioral science practices, one at Microsoft and another at Tonal. I also am a behavioral science community builder and co-founder of the Applied Behavioral Science Association, a group established to add more definition to this great field. In this work and through many other projects, I have taken the academic insights of behavioral science and turned them into business value. 

In my years as an applied behavioral science community leader, I have learned that for teams to survive, they must move from evangelizing for the inclusion of behavioral science to incorporating its insights into value-adding projects. Distilling the insights garnered over this time, I am a frequent writer, speaker, and consultant. Launching this course is the next step in scaling my insights to empower individuals to turn their idea of a behavioral science team into a reality. 

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Launching Behavioral Science Projects

Course syllabus


Gripping the most useful BeSci concepts in an applied setting

Applied BeSci is a vast field with tremendous knowledge to implement, and new entrants are quickly overwhelmed with determining which aspects are most relevant to their work. I will introduce the most pertinent elements that behavioral scientists apply in their work, and you will leave with a learning plan with your most relevant areas.


Building your first project

This lesson will focus on starting a project ASAP by utilizing a repurposed approach and finding an application for it. Examples of template projects we will review are: behaviorally influenced A/B notification testing, design audit, and a debiased user interview guide, among others. You will conclude with a project idea ready to be deployed.


Developing custom interventions

When utilizing a template is not possible, the creation of a custom intervention becomes necessary. In this lesson, we will dive deeper into the standard view of intervention development, which includes identifying areas ripe for impact through testing a solution. You will finish with a pinpointed opportunity and brainstormed solutions to develop.


Creating a launch plan and overcoming common challenges

In the final lesson, we will construct a launch plan filled with a communication strategy, resource requirements, timelines, and methods for overcoming common challenges. We will conclude with a project showcase where we have a live review of one of the project plans you have created. 

Course schedule

5-7 hours per week
  • Mondays & Wednesday

    4:00-5:30pm PT

    There will be four sessions: 3/13, 3/15, 3/20, 3/22

  • Course Projects

    2 hours per week

    In this course, you will create two projects based on the learning lessons. At the conclusion you will share this project. Over the two weeks, expect to 4 hours collectively on these two projects.

  • Pre-reading

    2 hours per week

    There will be pre-reading for each course which should take around 1 hour per course.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course includes live workshops and hands-on projects!

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and teams as you build your project outline.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you!

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Launching Behavioral Science Projects