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Workplace Communication for Non-Native English Speakers


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5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Unblock your career by mastering workplace communication.

Hosted by

Shunyao Li

Ex-Google PM; Founder, Communicate at Work

Course overview

You're not a native English speaker but you dream of becoming a leader

This course aims to unblock your career by helping you master workplace commuication.

You'll be able to drive conversations confidently in the future.

Communication will no longer be a blocker in pursuing your career goal.

Who is this course for


Team leaders.

You want to communicate and get to alignment with your team more effectively.


Career pivoters

You are transitioning to a role that requires more intense communication.


Driven individuals

You want your voice to be heard loud and clear, and aim to take on a leadership role soon.

What you will learn

Summarize to get on the same page

“I am lost in the conversation.”

“I tried to explain something but people don’t seem to understand.”

“I can’t find the right word. How can I express myself clearly?”

You will be able to get on the same page, and adapt your message to the amount of details needed.

Structure your message

How often do people not care about what you say?

How often do you have nothing to say, but your colleague can answer with a lot of information?

We will deep dive into how to structure your message based on your audience, and expand your answers when you don’t know what to say

Deal with conflicts

How often do you disagree but cannot seem to convince others?

Conflicts are on the surface. To resolve conflicts, you need to understand the other party on the “why”. We will do a lot of role playing exercises on aligning goals and reaching resolutions.

Give feedback

If there is something that bothers you, do you talk about it or avoid it? Do you worry about saying it out aloud will hurt your relationship?

We will practice effective ways to deliver feedback without hurting others’ feelings.

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Workplace Communication for Non-Native English Speakers

Meet your instructor

Shunyao Li

Shunyao Li

Shunyao grew up in China and moved to the US for PhD in 2013. When she first arrived, she had to rely on others to translate in conversations with her advisor. It took many years but she was able to improve her communication skills enough to become a product manager at Google (as one of the 45 people around the globe accepted in the Google APM program). 

Over the years, she has seen numerous pitfalls that lead to miscommunication at work, and developed frameworks that work the best for non-native English speakers. She started Communicate at Work to help more people like her. This course is a distillation of everything she learnt along the way.


(11 ratings)

What our past students have to say

        Before I signed up, I wasn't sure what I can get out from it. It turned out I enjoyed every session. It's not only the specific framing structure I learnt from the class, it's more about the mindset of being emphatic in communication that I started to form. It's also great to know these awesome people, and practice those tactics with them.
Yin Lin

Yin Lin

Software Engineer, Palantir
        I was deeply amazed by how much effort Shunyao put into this course. She was extra committed and thoughtful in every area to ensure top-notch quality. She is a knowledgable instructor, a genuine partner, and an attentive listener. She provided actionable frameworks for real-world scenarios and answered every question with clear details.
Xinran Ma

Xinran Ma

Design Lead, Redfin
        Every session is a good surprise! I always learned something new. I thought resolving conflicts is about debating, but turned out it’s analyzing assumptions and finding solutions. After the facilitation workshop, I had the best experience facilitating my meeting. The sessions are so well designed and creative. I benefited a lot from practicing.
Yi Hong

Yi Hong

Product Manager, Yelp
        Highly recommend this course to non-native English speakers who want to improve their communication to the next level. I learnt the patterns that can effectively solve the problems I am facing at work. In this course, you will also find a valuable community for English learning, work and life.
Rudy Xie

Rudy Xie

Staff Software Engineer, Google

"What do you benefit the most from the course?"

Trusted by top industry alumni

Trusted by top industry alumni
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Workplace Communication for Non-Native English Speakers

Course schedule

3-5 hours per week for 4 weeks
  • Pre-reads

    1 hour per week

    Each week, you will receive a few short videos as pre-reads.

    You will be asked to complete the pre-reads before the live exercises, so that you can maximize the time for practice.

  • Sunday live exercises

    11am - 1pm PST (10/23 - 11/20)

    Four 2-hour live exercises where you practice with a group of professionals, and get feedback from the instructor.

    Example exercises: articulating your message, storytelling, presentation critique, debate club, role play, facilitation practice, mastermind, improv, etc.

  • 7-day challenges


    Want more practice? Pick the topic you want to practice more and join the 7-day challenges and get more feedback.

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Workplace Communication for Non-Native English Speakers