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Advocacy Accelerator - Connecting Customers to Scale Loyalty

18 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Scale customer participation and advocacy content creation while improving internal collaboration.

Course overview

Drive revenue-centric efforts by integrating advocacy & community endeavors.

Say goodbye to the days of being overwhelmed by your advocacy program. Embrace an approach that empowers you to shift the paradigm: Learn to create community-centric programs where customers willingly become your program's driving force.

Guide them through a nurturing journey that fosters their growth and transforms them into your most passionate advocates.

Watch as your customers create the valuable content your sales and marketing functions need, from compelling testimonials to insightful reviews and captivating case studies.

It's time to optimize your advocacy strategy and harness the boundless potential of a customer community approach.

You DO NOT NEED a Customer community to benefit from this course!!

Who is this course for?


Customer Advocacy managers who need to multiply their efforts & results.


Community managers that want to create advocacy and drive revenue influence.


Customer Marketers who need to motivate customers to engage and take action.

What you’ll get out of this course

A blueprint for scaling advocacy across your customer base.

Unlock the secrets to expanding your advocacy efforts seamlessly, fulfilling more requests than ever, all while maintaining your peace of mind.

A plan for consistently nurturing customers into advocates.

Easily identify possible customer advocates and nurture them through your new advocacy pipeline strategy.

Support for building your customer programs over 6 months.

Get access to the entire course, weekly discussions through the first 3 months, and monthly group calls through 6 months.

All of the testimonials, reviews, references, stories, and participation you need.

Fulfill requests from across your entire organization while enhancing collaboration efforts, and effortlessly acquire the content your teams crave to supercharge your revenue growth.

Course syllabus


Simple Shifts That Will Change Your Perspective of CMA

Learn several tactics community professionals use to successfully manage thousands of customers and drive meaningful results.


The Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Customer Community Programs

We'll start with creating community-centric initiatives that immediately create value and slowly work up to programs that drive most of your advocacy.


Scaling Advocacy Framework


Navigating Collaboration: Strategies for Internal Alignment & Ongoing Support


Identifying, Activating, and Managing Advocates In Your Programs

Create a pipeline of future advocates through this module where we identify, nurture, activate and manage new advocates.


Community Strategies That Will Help You Succeed

Here you'll learn tips that will help you become an expert to managing any customer program.


Building and Managing A Community; The Crash Course

You might not be launching a community, but this crash course will help you overcome engagement, collaboration, and marketing issues that arise in groups of customers.

What people are saying

        If you want to scale advocacy, you should get this course with Mary Green. Mary has many years of experience with spearheading communities, & developing strategies for customer advocacy & she is passionate about all these topics. She walks the walk and talks the talk. You couldn’t have picked a better advocate to be on your side for this journey.
Tiffany P. Nguyen

Tiffany P. Nguyen

Customer Advocacy & Marketing Leader
        For myself and many others, Mary is the go to for advocacy and community management. With her, you're getting more than just expertise; you're getting actionable strategies and processes to elevate your customer engagement leading to those sought after business results.
Rachel Ward

Rachel Ward

Lifecycle & Customer Marketing Leader

Meet your instructor

Mary Green

Mary Green

Community & Advocacy Founder

I'm a caring, helpful, and customer-focused Community Leader who loves to support others. I've created CMAweekly to help Customer Marketing and Advocacy professionals connect, learn, and elevate our profession.

I'm here to help you build the Advocacy & Community efforts that will make your job more enjoyable while making sure you succeed.

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Advocacy Accelerator - Connecting Customers to Scale Loyalty


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Course Timeline - Adjustable For Your Needs

2 hours per week
  • Nov 1, 2023

    Get access to the entire course.

  • Tuesdays

    2:00pm-3pm EST

    Our calls will focus on implementing what we are learning in the course.

  • Thursdays

    11 AM EST

    Not everyone can make all Tuesday calls, so we will do Thursdays as well. I can also assist 1:1.

  • Always On Support

    Join Slack to have immediate access to ask me questions about the course or your community.

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Why You Should Join This Cohort

Why You Should Join This Cohort

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Get support at every step

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Learn with a cohort of peers

What better way to learn about community than to have a community of peers to learn with?

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Advocacy Accelerator - Connecting Customers to Scale Loyalty


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