Refine Your Blue Chip Client Profile


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1 Day


Cohort-based Course

Win, Retain and Grow More of the "Right" Clients through a Tight & Focused Business Development Strategy

Course overview

Time is your most precious asset. Where is your BD team spending it?

Sales: Are your sales efforts laser-focused on high-value prospects? Or is valuable time, energy & resources being squandered on misaligned targets and opportunities?

Marketing: are your marketing efforts generating qualified prospects? Or are you casting too wide-of-a-net and occupying your sales team with misaligned leads?

Customer Success: are you Account Managers investing thoughtful & pro-active time with your best client? or are they being bogged down by reactive tasks from bottom-tier accounts?

In this live 2-hour workshop, we present a powerful, customizable framework designed to optimize your most valuable asset: your time. This framework is adaptable across sales, marketing, and account management functions.

In this course, you'll examine your current & historical revenue streams, discern the unique characteristics of your best (Blue Chip) and least desirable (Graveyard) clients, and craft a strategic blueprint for resource allocation.

By the end, you have the foundation to align your sales and marketing efforts and the clarity to maximize your account management resources.


This cohort is for you / your team if: you sell a custom, complex, B2B service and are are seeking growth.

This cohort is for you / your team if you have limited bandwidth across your sales, marketing, customer success teams and are seeking to optimize their time, energy, and resources for maximum impact.

This cohort is for you / your team if you are a growth-minded leader who is committed to cultivating and expanding relationships with the right clients. Prioritizing quality and long-term partnerships over sheer quantity.

Replace unpredictability with intentionality.


Sales / Marketing: Maximize your time and attention with high-quality and aligned prospects through an "aim small, miss small" approach.


Customer Success: Invest thoughtful and proactive time with your best clients, rather than allowing the "squeaky wheel to get the grease."


Founder Rainmaker: Scale your business beyond yourself by honing in on the "Blue Chip" prospects and clients that truly drive your success.

What you’ll get out of this course

Identify the small # of clients who are driving the majority of your revenue and uncover the unique characteristics that set them apart
  • Top 20%
  • Bottom 20%
2x2 client matrix to align your sales & marketing efforts and help you prioritize your existing clients
  • Blue Chip
  • Dirty Money
  • Make It Count
  • Graveyard
Tight & refined "Blue Chip" client profile to focus your business development efforts on your highest valued prospects
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Trigger Events

A "Graveyard" client profile to help you identify misaligned prospects and avoid wasting precious time
  • Red Flags
  • Disqualifiers

This course includes

1 interactive live session

Lifetime access to course materials

4 in-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

2 projects to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Maven Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is backed by Maven’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our refund policy.

Course syllabus

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  • Week 1

    May 8

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • May


      Refining Your "Blue Chip" Client Profile

      Wed, May 8, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM UTC


    • Refine your "Blue Chip" Client Profile

    • Refine your "Graveyard" Client Profile


(4 ratings)

What people are saying

        We shifted our target market successfully and were able to generate consistent engagement with target accounts. The new sales strategy has increased average contract value significantly (+50%) over the previous year.
Adam Barney

Adam Barney

Partner & President of Framework IT
        I don't think I've ever seen something that was so accurate, thoughtful, and specific to how we could improve our business. Our close rate went from 56% to 80%.
Jesse McCabe

Jesse McCabe

Partner & CEO of Solid Digital
        At the end of our engagement we were closing at a rate approximately 35% higher and the quality of the deals in the pipeline was vastly improved.
Brick Thompson

Brick Thompson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Blue Margin
        We've experienced significant double digit revenue growth for the last two years, which would not have been possible prior to our engagement.
Max Tynczuk

Max Tynczuk

Chief Operating Officer of AMS Performance
        CP helped us increase our sales volume and close rate tremendously and it has allowed us to efficiently onboard new members of our sales team.
Colleen Werner

Colleen Werner

Founder & CEO of Lulafit
        CP's approach is truly unique. It was obvious that their methodology was developed over many years and with deep experience of the sales processes and success.
Jody Jankovsky

Jody Jankovsky

Founder & CEO of Black Line IT

Meet your instructor

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson

Founder & Principal of Carver Peterson Consulting

With 20+ years of experience in sales, management & leadership, Scott Peterson, knows how to build high-performing sales teams.

He spent his first 13+ years working with a fast-growing, yet wildly disciplined organization that scaled from the 2 original founders into a global company with 8,000+ employees driving more than $7 billion in revenue and is still privately-held.

Scott has built & led winning teams at every step of his career by refining a tight strategy, streamlining a repeatable process, maximizing the structure and attracting, engaging and retaining top talent. He built his high-performing team from scratch in Boston, turned an underperforming team around in San Diego and evolved / transformed a top-performing office into a winning team in Chicago.

In 2014, Scott founded Carver Peterson Consulting to help growth-minded entrepreneurs and organizations build high-performing sales teams so that they can win and retain more of the right clients allowing them to grow and scale in sustainable way. Over the last 9+ years, they've partnered with 100+ growing organizations and have a proven track record of driving healthy and profitable revenue.

Based in Wisconsin, Peterson is an Oregon native. A former walk-on for Oregon State University Men's Basketball team, the same qualities that served him as an athlete have directly translated to his business success. He is hard working, goal-oriented, growth minded, and a great teammate & leader.

He and his beautiful wife, Molly, have three young kids: Grady, Camden and Mila.

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Refine Your Blue Chip Client Profile


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Course schedule

Total Investment: 3.5+ hours
  • May 8, 2024

    1:30pm - 3:30pm CST

    2 hour "live" session

  • Pre-Work

    45 minutes (+/-)

    Power Rank your Current & Historical Clientele

  • Post-Work

    45 Minutes (+/-)

    This framework has multiple applications including:

    • sales strategy
    • marketing strategy
    • account management strategy
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Refine Your Blue Chip Client Profile


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