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Boundaries by Design

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Reclaim balance with work using our framework for preventing burnout and move towards a more joyful work life.

Hosted by

Alison Gretz

20 year Design Leadership veteran and ICF Certified Coach

Course overview

Protect yourself from burnout – recenter on your needs, goals and joy.

42% of millennial managers are burnt out at work. (source: Metlife)

Women middle managers intent to stay in their roles has dropped by 21%. (source: Qualtrics)

If this is you, the time to act and redefine your relationship to work post-pandemic, and post tech-layoff-apocalypse is by reclaiming your time, energy and focus. I believe the first line of defense for this is through effective and kind boundary setting.

Through active workshops and self-paced supplements, we'll recenter on your values, goals and needs to identify where you want to be... and also where your current boundaries are being violated by others. Only through setting and enforcing effective boundaries with others can we take back control over our time, efforts and commitments. Effective boundary setting is a kind and empowering practice, and I look forward to working with you to build your own practice, in your voice.

This course is for you if:


You think you are experiencing burnout in your corporate job.


You have a hard time saying "no" to other's, and then resent them later.


You feel you've lost control over how you are spending your time, with little room for your needs.

What you’ll get out of this course

Fundamental Learnings on your own Boundary Setting Areas

Through our workshops and exercises, you will identify the hot-topic areas where your boundaries need set or improved. You'll walk out with a clear idea of your values, goals and priorities.

Guidelines and Scripts for Setting Boundaries

You'll explore our guidelines for effective, kind and clear boundaries. And turn these into scripts for your own boundary areas to start using immediately.

Set of custom Boundary Experiments & practice with the cohort

With your refined boundary scripts, you'll begin experimenting in real-time with our cohort – practicing and learning through iteration.

Set a Continuous Boundary Practice

By the end of the course, you will have our framework for a continuous boundary practice, and have developed your own plan to integrate everything you have learned moving forward.

Recommendations & Pitfalls

You'll get all of our recommendations to go deeper on this topic, along with live group coaching as we go. We'll also share common pitfalls and learnings with the group.

What people are saying

        Alison has done more for my career in 2 months than most of my leaders did for me in 2 years. She sees the potential and the passion in people and helps them achieve their best version of themselves."


        There is a robust toolkit in her brain, brimming with different methods to to assess a situation and tackle a challenge. She is always her authentic self, and will not waver when faced with difficult decisions. She is a visionary, quickly builds trust, and empowers her teams to make change, mess up, and then try again."
Director of Production

Director of Production

        Alison is determined to unlock the fullest potential of anyone she coaches. Her superpowers include listening and facilitating insightful conversations and workshops that spark new thinking."
Executive Creative Director

Executive Creative Director

Meet your instructor

Alison Gretz

Alison Gretz

Leadership Coach & Facilitator

I’ve always had a passion for the spark in someone that is created in a moment of growth. I believe that my purpose is to create environments for people to make sense of what's in front of them and progress forward with momentum. 

As a Design Leader, I have led global teams of humans in solving problems and creating solutions for the real world. Passionate about supporting whole humans at work, I gained an accreditation in coaching to compliment my leadership skills and hung a shingle as Design by Design, LLC.

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Boundaries by Design


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Course syllabus


What is Boundaries by Design?

Boundaries by Design is a framework where you learn to take back control of how you spend your time, ensuring alignment with your core values and what YOU want. This is an empowering practice that builds your self-esteem, reduces conflict, and models a way of self-respect to others around you.


Understanding your World

In this module, you'll learn how to identify your values and use them to create the boundary scripts you'll make later in the course. By understanding your underlying motivations, you can hone in on the most important areas in your world where boundaries are needed.


Deep Dive Into Boundaries 

This module covers different types of boundaries and how to create boundaries that are clear and direct, consistent, and respectful of others' needs and feelings, while being flexible and open to compromise when possible. It’s a balancing act!


Integrating the practice of Boundaries by Design

Next is learning to integrate setting of boundaries as a continuous practice in your world. Spoiler Alert: You may not always get what you want when setting a boundary with another human, so in this module we look at managing reactions and upholding our boundaries. Staying flexible and iterating on your Boundaries is part of healthy interpersonal r


Living Boundaries by Design

In this lesson, we will explore the Guidelines for a Boundary Practice. Alison will share tips on continuous Boundary work and how to check-in with yourself to uphold your worth, values and needs moving forward. 

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Course schedule

2-5 hours per week
  • September 18th – 28th

    Our cohort will meet for two LIVE sessions per week that will be recorded and available alongside self-paced segments of our workbook. Our workbook and self-paced content supplements our live sessions to let you flexibly choose where you need to go deeper.

  • Live Session: Course Intro

    Sept 18th 11am CST (Recording Available)

    Our kickoff session will be focused on reclaiming your relationship with work, and identifying your boundary needs to prevent burnout and live in closer harmony with work.

  • Your Boundary Experiment (Live Session & Self-paced)

    Sept 21st 11am CST (Recording Available)

    Our Second Live Session on Sept 21st is the Experiment Kickoff, where you'll have the opportunity to experiment with setting boundaries during our cohort before launching your own experiment to the world.

  • Live Session: Cohort Experiment Learnings

    Sept 25th 11am CST (Recording Available)

    We'll come back together as a cohort to share and learn from our experiments, including some live coaching with Alison.

  • Live Session: Integrating YOUR Practice

    Sept 28th 11am CST (Recording Available)

    We'll conclude our journey together with a workshop on some common pitfalls and strategies to overcome as you integrate your new boundary practice and get hours back in your week.

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Boundaries by Design


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