Audience Building

How to build a high value audience. Learn the proven frameworks to grow from 0 to 100 to 100,000+ followers.

Blake Burge
Sahil Bloom


Blake Burge, Sahil Bloom

1M+ combined followers/subscribers

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A 4-day, hands-on course to change your personal and professional trajectory.

Your audience establishes you as an authority, bringing with it access to new people, projects, and opportunities to transcend your goals.

Results people are getting from this course

        This is the most efficient and jam-packed course I've ever taken. I've published threads that have gotten 1 million impressions, and I grew my Twitter following (@amandanat) from 8k to 77k in less than a year. I added 1k newsletter subscribers in one month, and I'm already getting multiple offers for sponsorships.
Amanda Natividad
Amanda Natividad
Marketing Architect, sparktoro
        Since taking Audience Building, I increased my Twitter following (@nathanbaugh27) from 5,000 to 86,000. These are not vanity numbers and have led directly to job opportunities, consulting roles, and newsletter growth. It's a skill that can be built, and this team knows how to teach it.
Nathan Baugh
Nathan Baugh
Founder, World Builders
        The Audience Building course has been game-changing for me, both personally and professionally. The frameworks taught here have helped me go from 0 to 80k followers in 8 months with a consistent, repeatable playbook...It has also opened several professional opportunities for me - opportunities which would not have been available to me otherwise.
Zain Kahn (@HeyKahn)
Zain Kahn (@HeyKahn)
Marketing Executive and Startup Investor
        I loved the frameworks, super applicable and useful straight away...All of it has been genuinely great, and the community is really amazing and supportive...This course will really help me avoid a few false starts.
Jana Kovacovska
Jana Kovacovska
Founder at Tiny CFO
        Sahil's course helped me find an outlet for all the earned secrets that I've been dying to share. I had a backlog of blog articles that I wanted to write but without an audience the writing itself would have been unfulfilling. My first thread already gained me 700+ followers and over 100k impressions. Huge win-win.
Josh Ho
Josh Ho
Founder CEO Referral Rock | Podcast Co-host of Searching For SaaS
        "I grew my followers (@bbourque) from 40 to 24K+ in 6 months using this course's insights. Most importantly, the course gave me a community of Twitter peers that support each other and help each other succeed."
Brian Bourque
Brian Bourque
SVP of Marketing, SmartAsset
        I love how Sahil has approached his Twitter game. This course takes you through 0 to 1 in just 4 days time. The writing frameworks, content calendar, proven tips and tactics are unmatched. Highly recommended to someone who is serious about playing long term game.
Sachin Ramje
Sachin Ramje
AVP - Digital Marketing, HDFC Bank

Who is this course for


You're a founder who wants a marketing advantage for your personal brand and your company.


You're a creator ready to share and monetize your work with a vastly larger and more responsive audience.


You're an ambitious operator seeking to accelerate your career and influence.

What we'll cover

Why become a builder?

How and why to use an audience to transform your career as a founder, a creator, or an employee.

Writing for engagement.

Understand the psychological and social factors that play into topic selection and what to write about.

Quality that earns followers.

How to develop a winning voice, strategy, and point of view.

Proven frameworks.

Go deeper into a process with frameworks for consuming, producing, and posting content.

How to build a content engine.

Maximize the quality and consistency of your writing while driving compounding returns.

Newsletter growth tactics.

How to bring your audience from Twitter into a channel you control and own.

Meet your instructors

Blake Burge
Blake Burge
Main Instructor

Blake used the tactics from this course to gain 200,000 followers on Twitter in less than a year.

Now he transitions from student to teacher and shares first-hand insights on how to approach audience building when starting from scratch.

Sahil Bloom
Sahil Bloom
Special Guest Instructor

Sahil built an audience of 700K+ across his Twitter, newsletter, and podcast and has launched and scaled several successful businesses, including an 8-figure venture fund, alongside his platform.

As a special guest instructor he shares everything he wishes he knew when he was starting his journey.

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Learning is better with cohorts
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Learn with a cohort of peers

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