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🎬 From Text to 3D, and Audio to Video — Master the Art & Science of Creating with AI In 2 Weeks 🚀

Course overview

Embrace The Co-Pilot Era

Content creation is table stakes, and generative AI is revolutionizing how we create. Ready to be a part of this revolution, instead of just a spectator?

In this Maven Masterclass I will speed-run you through the entire AI creation workflow in 2 weeks. We'll delve into state-of-the-art text, image, audio, and 3D generation models. You'll learn how to orchestrate them together to produce compelling content and supercharge your creative process.

Not just theory, you'll execute 2 hands-on class projects that deep dive into the latest AI creation tools, while integrating them into creation workflows you know and love. You come with ideas and domains you want to explore creatively and strategically, and I’ll teach you the applied R&D workflows to realize them.

We'll also get strategic and explore the future of generative AI from industry leading guests such as John Nack - the mind behind Adobe Firefly, Google AI in Photos, as well as Photoshop’s longtime PM. You'll learn about Photoshop's origin story and where AI-driven artistry is headed to help you plan ahead.

With a decade in tech, hundreds of millions of views across social media, and a proven track record of bringing AI to life at Google, I am excited to share this knowledge with you. I'll arm you with a personalized strategy to turn AI into the premier member of your creative team.

It's time for you to become a 10x creator.

Who is this course for


You’re a creative professional who knows the tools, but struggles to fit AI into your workflows to achieve specific outcomes.


You’re a manager or executive who wants to speed-run the solution space to start applying AI to your business problems.


You're a curious hobbyist who has bold ideas but is overwhelmed by the sheer number of AI tools at your disposal.

What you’ll get out of this course

Speedrun The Generative AI Landscape Over Three Weekends 🏔️
  • Fast-track, hands-on exposure to the entire spectrum of AI capabilities. Bypass the need for countless hours of research.
  • Walk away energized with an applied understanding of various AI models, empowering you to infuse AI magic into your own products and creations.
Turn Your Imagination Into Reality 🪄
  • We'll pull back the curtains on the techniques behind video generation, 3D capture, audio generation, and more, as seen in examples like this.
  • You'll learn about the latest primitives at your disposal with a speedrun of AI creation tools and how they fit into your workflow.
Access Distilled Multimodal AI Workflows 📝
  • Lifetime access to an 11-page guide that equips you with the creation primitives and tactical recipes to become a master across text, video, and 3D domains.
  • Execute 2 hands-on projects that apply those recipes to turn your creative visions into quality content.
Co-Creating With Your Cohort - If You Only Want Strategy, Skip This Course! ⚒️
  • Join like-minded creatives, product builders and entrepreneurs who value both strategy and practical experience.
  • We're not just learning together, we're creating together. No matter your level, get ready to to roll up your sleeves and let your creativity shine.
Learn From An Industry Leader 🏆

Course syllabus

3 lessons • 13 lessons • 3 projects
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  • Week 1

    Jan 16—Jan 21

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • 🧠 Immersive Orientation: Navigating the Generative AI Landscape

  • Week 2

    Jan 22—Jan 25

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • ⚔️ Creative Fusion: Multimodal AI Creation Workflows

  • Post-Course


    • 🏆 Capstone Project & Guest Speaker John Nack


(23 ratings)

What students are saying

Blending Reality & Imagination

AI and 3D technology present tools to continue the timeless quest to blend reality and imagination

What people are saying

        Bilawal is superb at exploring new areas, working to unpack real user needs, bring others up to speed on emerging tech, and applying technology to creative professions. His energy is infectious, continually builds bridges and leaves a lasting impact on everyone he crosses paths with. He is truly at the vanguard of AI and 3D.
John Nack

John Nack

Principal Product Manager, Adobe (Firefly & GenAI) Ex-Photoshop PM & Google AI PM
        Bilawal worked with us across 3 cutting edge immersive VR content productions, and helped us harness the latest in computer vision and AI technologies to produce content that has racked up millions of views on YouTube. He is the definition of a creative technologist and is consistently dropping wisdom to supercharge our creative workflows.
Sam Wickert

Sam Wickert

SoKrispyMedia (YouTube 2.4M Subs), Streamy Award Winner for Best VFX (Mr. Beast Squid Game)
        Hands down one of the most valuable courses on multi-model AI generation. Every lesson was crafted with care, breaking down complexities of each model into bite sized, easy to understand concepts. Highly recommended! 🙌🏽 ⚡️
Baroosh Qasim

Baroosh Qasim

Creative Director, Media Monks
        Exceeded my expectations –– there's honestly at least 6 months of materials to go through here. Overall it's re-ignited by passion for Motion Graphics and Film Making... and Bilawal is a super encouraging and knowledgable instructor. My thanks!
Stefan Belavy

Stefan Belavy

Senior Product Designer, Google
        Bilawal takes care of every detail to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the course. He explores both the primitives and the details of the main tools and workflows. Now I feel way more confident and excited about what is possible to create.
Bruno Pardo

Bruno Pardo

Product Manager, North
        I loved this class. Its fast track to generative AI tools with an incredibly engaged instructor and classmates. Simply awesome. I wish it was longer. Give us a sequel!
Beth Lahr York

Beth Lahr York

Development Producer, Gusto, a Matter company
        I would highly recommend this course. It has given me a foundational understanding of the generative AI tools currently out there and which to use in any situation depending on the outcome. This course has also introduced me to experts in a variety of overlapping tech and media fields, and has allowed me to build a network within the AI community.
Alex Gee

Alex Gee

Researcher/Student at Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts
        Excellent course! The course touched on various established and emerging technologies that are extremely useful in this space. It also helped me strategize my journey in content creation and take all this to a higher level by continued learning and application of what I learned in this course. I highly recommend this course.
Dr. Thomas John

Dr. Thomas John

University of Pennsylvania, Harvard Medical School

Meet your instructor

Bilawal Sidhu

Bilawal Sidhu

AI Creator (1.3M+ Subscribers) & Ex-Google Senior Product Manager (AR/VR, 3D Maps)

Bilawal Sidhu wields AI and 3D technologies to blur the lines between reality and imagination.

Bilawal Sidhu is a creative technologist, product builder and AI innovator. With more than a decade of experience in the tech industry, he spent six years as a product manager at Google, where he made significant contributions to groundbreaking projects such as Google's Immersive View, ARCore Geospatial API and YouTubeVR. His work with organizations and people – including Warner Music, Pepsi, Elton John and Gorillaz – showcases his talent for crafting engaging experiences through technology.

As a content creator, Bilawal has captivated more than a million followers across YouTube and TikTok with his AI and visual effects expertise. Driven by a mission to empower the next generation of artists and entrepreneurs, Bilawal enjoys sharing AI-assisted workflows and industry insights on Twitter and Substack, demystifying AI creation and inspiring others to embrace the "co-pilot era."

Collaborating with Bilawal leaves people feeling energized like they just got hit with three shots of espresso.

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Generative AI Creation Masterclass


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Course schedule

3-4 hours per week
  • Classes: Tuesday & Thursday

    3:00pm - 4:30pm PT

    • October 10
    • October 12
    • October 17
    • October 19
  • Optional Office Hours

    10:00am - 11:00am PT

    • October 15
    • October 18
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Generative AI Creation Masterclass


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