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Hybrid Leadership Habits


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2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Lead an engaged and high-performing team where people love to work. These habits and tools make it easy, wherever you are.

Hosted by

Ben Hughes

10 Yrs as Hybrid Lead with 99,5% Team Retention | Co-author of The Loop Approach

Course overview

Hybrid leadership is here to stay – learn habits to help you succeed 🚀

In a world of hybrid and remote work, you need new habits and tools.

Make every remote interaction strengthen trust, psychological safety, and team spirit.

Give your team the clarity to drive their roles proactively, so you can focus on strategic leadership topics.

This course is for you if...


You lead remotely at least part of the time

Build trust, offer clarity, and enable great performance, wherever you are.


You struggle to make time for the big picture

Spend less time managing people. Focus more on strategic topics and coaching.


You're sick of hard-to-implement advice that doesn't stick

Learn simple habits and tools that you can use right away and in the long run.

This course will allow you to...

Avoid common mistakes in your written communication that would erode psychological safety and team spirit

Written communication is a key channel for leading remotely, but unintended trust-bruising misunderstandings are all too common – often without the lead even noticing.

Learn to follow simple habits and write in a way that builds trust and connection, with every message.

Avoid unfocused and energy-draining video meetings and calls

When you're not face to face with your team, remote meetings will form the other major avenue for interacting with your team.

Learn the simple structures, principles, and meeting habits to make these encounters energizing and outcome oriented.

Foster more ownership, autonomy, and growth for your team.

Enable everyone to take full ownership of their roles by creating total clarity around expectations.

This not only fuels their professional growth, but also allows you to focus more on oft-ignored topics like your own development, strategic leadership work, and coaching.

Build trust, understanding, and a sense of connection in your team, wherever they are

Trust and connection are vital success factors for any high-performing team, but especially so in a remote or hybrid setting.

From high-five meetings to effective 1-on-1s, you'll learn simple methods to understand your team's challenges and help them feel like one team.

Provide concrete, clarity-giving tools to your team: co-create a Communication Charter, Strength Profiles, and a foundational Role-Structure

You'll get step-by-step guidance and ready-to-use templates to co-create foundational tools with your team.

These and the habits you'll pick up will have an immediate impact, as well as continue to bring value long after the course has finished.


(4 ratings)

What people are saying

        Ben's material ranged from protips and tricks, to big-picture team dynamics, and it was all packaged in a humorous, accessible, and non-dogmatic way.


Team Lead
        Despite Ben leading us remotely from Finland, he was always able to create psychological safety and trust in our team. His humble leadership style, great listening and communication skills, and his open and transparent way of working made him a great leadership role model.


Content Leader
        In every second of the course, you can tell that Ben has internalized and lived the things he teaches in the course.


Team Lead
        Ben's team was healthy, positive and a remarkably cohesive team under his leadership. This made for an environment in which the team innovated often and sought to push the boundaries of what was possible.


Design Manager at Instagram
        He's a role model when it comes to communication and listening, as well as project management and making an impact at an organization. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work so closely with him all those years, and will always draw on what I learned from him - it informs so much of my work now!


Director of Content
        I was immediately struck by Ben's mindful, honest, and intuitive leadership style. A careful listener and a gentle advisor, he encouraged self-empowerment and agency from each team member, and provided guidance subtly and respectfully.


Head of Content
        I took away so many good points for my own work!


Serial Entrepreneur and Author

Meet your instructor

Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes

I'm a former management consultant and startup leader with a decade of hybrid leadership experience. I had the honor of building up the content team at Blinkist, the Berlin-based nonfiction learning app that has tens of millions of users and has won awards from Apple, Google, and the UN.

I'm proudest of the fact that despite the mostly remote setting, we built a team together that not only hit its targets year after year and delivered amazing content, but was such a great place to work that nobody wanted to leave: in ten years, in a team that grew to 20 people strong, only one (!) person ever left. This turnover rate was so low that other companies literally didn’t believe us – they called it a “statistical impossibility.”

And in this course, I promise to share the simple yet effective habits and tools that will allow your team to defy statistics too.

I've also co-authored a book on the subject of new work, titled "The Loop Approach," and I base many of the tools in the course on it.

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Hybrid Leadership Habits

Course syllabus


Module: Communication Pt. 1 – Written messages

Excellent leadership requires excellent communication.

When you're not face to face with your team, the importance of written interactions is amplified.

You'll learn simple habits and rules to formulate messages that build psychological safety and team spirit, time after time.


Module: Communication Pt. 2 – Meetings and your team's Communication Charter

Make the most of the other major channel you have for interacting with your team: meetings. You'll pick up habits to make them energizing and outcome-oriented, instead of draining.

What's more, you'll be guided to co-create a Communication Charter with your team to promote effective communication.


Module: Building trust and a sense of connection

The less face-to-face time your team has, the harder it is to build trust and a sense of connection.

In this module, you'll learn habits and tools like Strength Profiles for building trust, understanding, and a sense of connection in your team, wherever they are.


Module: Providing clarity to drive ownership

Learn to create a Role- and Accountability-based structure with your team to make expectations explicit. This enables everyone to take ownership of their roles and work proactively to fulfill them.

It also allows you to focus less on managing people, and more on topics like strategic planning, coaching, and your own development.

Course schedule

Ca. 3 hrs / week + projects at own pace
  • Wednesday, May 10

    Ca. 9:00am - 12:00am GMT

    Live Zoom-workshop: Communication

    • Writing messages that build psychological safety and team spirit.
    • Running remote meetings and calls that build psychological safety.
    • How to co-create a Communication charter with your team.
  • Wednesday, May 17

    Ca. 9:00am - 12:00am GMT

    Live Zoom-workshop: Trust and clarity

    • Habits and tools for fostering trust, connection, and understanding in your team.
    • How to create Strength Profiles in your team.
    • How to co-create and maintain a Role- and Accountability-based structure to make expectations explicit.
  • Projects

    Total ca. 3-8 hours

    After each Zoom-workshop, you'll co-create, with your team:

    • A Communication Charter
    • Strength Profiles
    • A Role Structure with accountabilities

    You don't need to complete these during the course but can tackle them when you have capacity.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Hybrid Leadership Habits