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Shake up your 9-5 life Spark new ideas Start a newsletter

Course overview

Newsletter Launchpad

A newsletter is the fastest way to transform from consumer to creator.

Learn an effortless system and go from zero newsletters to four in just three weeks.

This course is for you if...


have struggled to share more authentically.


want to start a newsletter and build an audience.


maybe endlessly consuming without a creative outlet.


are looking to become a better, more consistent writer.


are worried that maybe your ideas aren’t worth reading.


want to build up the courage to get your ideas out there.


are worried if anyone will read your newsletter if you start one.


are worried others may think your writing or your newsletter will suck


want to share your thoughts with people who care about the same things but don't know how.

Your Journey

Take your first step
  • Every journey starts with a scary first step. We'll show you a low downside, high upside process to get you over that hump
  • The secret isn't just working harder or working smarter - it's doing things other people perceive as risky
Produce your weekly newsletter
  • Develop a consistent habit and produce four newsletters in four weeks
  • Learn an iterative system to test what's easy and what's interesting
  • Refine your process through feedback from your classmates
  • Learn the right technology to help you publish painlessly

Build your resume beyond your Linkedin profile
  • Develop a reputation
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Improve your curation skills
  • Get ahead at your job by becoming a clearer thinker and a better communicator
Find your tribe
  • Attract an audience, explore and refine your ideas, discover future collaborators.
  • Build a foundation for serendipity.

This course is not for you if you:


already have a large and loyal audience


are over 30 editions into writing a newsletter.


already have a system for publishing a newsletter

Course schedule

~5 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    8:00pm - 9:30pm ET

    6 Sessions

  • September 13 - September 29

  • Weekly projects

    1-2 hours per week

    Students will produce and give feedback on a newsletter each week.

Course syllabus


Getting started with Newsletters

  • Get set up with a platform
  • Demystifying the types of newsletters


How to keep publishing

  • The systems that work
  • The feedback loops that lead to compounding knowledge


The psychology of online writing

  • The fears of getting out there
  • Overcoming procrastination and an inability to find time
  • IPOs (Idea Public Offerings) - Learn how to develop ideas in order to build an audience


Getting out there

  • How to grow your newsletter
  • How newsletters lead to other channels

Frequently Asked Questions

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(15 ratings)

See what people are saying

        With Chris Wong's and Louie Bacaj's Newsletter Launchpad, I become part of a community of people who get this. I’ve published 14 editions of my newsletter and I see no end in sight. If you ever wanted to publish regularly, I highly recommend you take this cohort-based course
-Janahan Sivaraman

-Janahan Sivaraman

TTT Newsletter
        Yesterday, we wrapped up Louie Bacaj's and Chris Wong's Newsletter Launchpad course! I had a blast getting to learn more about newsletters with so many like minded people. Thanks to everyone's feedback, I hit my highest open rate of 86% and 13 replies for an email.
-Christine Trac

-Christine Trac

Christine’s Newsletter Adventure
        The Newsletter Launchpad was an amazing course! I have already recommended it to several people. Thank you Louie Bacaj and Chris Wong!
-Alina Okun

-Alina Okun

Can Do Newsletter

Learn from people a few steps ahead of you

Louie Bacaj

Louie Bacaj

Louie's newsletter

Louie Bacaj has sent out 70 newsletters since April 2021. He's a Creator, Entrepreneur, CTO, and co-founder at a startup (Nines). He recently left an engineering career at Walmart where he managed many engineering teams. Louie is a mentor in David Perell's Write of Passage.

He recently created "Timeless Career Advice for Software Engineers", a featured offering on Gumroad.

Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Chris' newsletter

Chris Wong has sent out 66 newsletters since April 2021. He's the founder of Course Clubs, which are like book clubs for self-paced courses. Chris left an eighteen-year finance career in 2020. Chris is a community steward in David Perell's Write of Passage.

While we don't claim to be newsletter big shots, we have been consistent in producing newsletters and writing online. We strongly believe the best lessons are from people that were one step ahead of us.

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