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Ace your performance review for women in tech


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5 Days


Cohort-based Course

Get the tools and the confidence to ask for and get what you want from your next review

Hosted by

Anemari Fiser

Ex Tech Lead @ ThoughtWorks | Ex Product Director | Certified Coach | Trainer

Course overview

Tired of waiting for them to see you?

"If I work hard 👷‍♀️-> they will see me 👀 -> and reward me for it 💰️"


This philosophy is the reason women see the Performance Review as a waste of time so they don't prepare for it.

They leave things to chance, to people that know better.

And then they are disappointed with the results.

Let me tell you something!

No one knows better than you how hard you worked, your efforts, sacrifice, outcomes and impact!

And it is your job to tell them!

Is your job to make them see you!

Performance Reviews are a great opportunity for you to advocate for yourself!

This course will teach you how in only six hours.

Who is this course for


You are a woman in tech worried about your upcoming Performance Review


You know you deserve a salary increase but don't have the confidence to ask or it


You are ready to go to the next level in your career.

What you’ll get out of this course

Clarity on your strengths and how to use them

Use your strengths to boost your self-confidence and your career

Confidence to ask for what you want
  • 2 long-term/continuous processes to build and maintain self- confidence
  • 3 quick self-confidence boosting tools to use just before a tough conversation
Feeling of control over the outcomes of your performance review

by knowing exactly what to expect from your Performance Review and preparing for it

5 questions to answer to be ready for any salary negociation

What? Why? When? How? What next?

1 x 1-1 coaching session

to dig deeper into what might be holding you back from going for what you want

Meet your instructor

Anemari Fiser

Anemari Fiser

Tech career coach | Tech Lead trainer

I have been in tech for 10 years, but only accelerated my career by acing my performance reviews.

I went from a Software Engineer to Tech Lead, to Product Director in 3 years by applying the principles that I will share with you in this course.

I have supported more than 200 women at different stages in their tech careers over the past 2 years as a full-time Career Coach and Trainer.

The purpose of this course is to share what I have learned with you and to empower you to go for what you want.

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(3 ratings)

What people are saying

        I have been working with Anemari for sometime now and I wish I started earlier. She is a very important component of my growth and confidence as a women in stem. She has helped me identify my own biases around my capabilities and my potential reach. As well as provided me with the tools to thrive and continue growing as a professional.
Inés del Carmen Baca

Inés del Carmen Baca

Software Developer @ThoughtWorks
        One of the most valuable learnings I had so far in my career was because I was very lucky to have Anemari as a coach for my Tech Leadership journey @ThoughtWorks. It was a before and after for me, and years after I keep using key learnings from those days in my job, still remembering some conversations we had. 
Elena García Peña

Elena García Peña

Lead Software Engineer @Adevinta
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Ace your performance review for women in tech

Course syllabus


Your Performance Review Process

Get clarity on 

  • What are the steps of your Performance Review Process? (each company has a different one)
  • What is expected from you?
  • What do you expect from them?


Self-confidence boost

  • Discover your strengths and learn how to use them as a tool to boost your self-confidence and your career
  • Explore other tools for self-confidence boosting


Negotiation Conversation 

  • Get your negotiation terms clear
  • Build your script for the conversation
  • Prepare for their questions
  • Tips and tools to deal with the pressure of the conversation

Course schedule

6 hours in 1 week
  • Monday - March 27, 2023

    18:30 - 20:30 CET

    Module 1: Your Performance Review Process

  • Wednesday - March 29, 2023

    19:00 - 20:30 CET

    Module 2: Self-confidence boost

  • Friday - March 31, 2023

    19:00 - 20:30 CET

    Module 3: Negotiation Conversation 

  • 1-1 coaching

    1h - Any time in the week of the course

    We will schedule this based on your availability for this week

Course structure

Course structure

Interactive and Individual Exercises

You’ll be interacting with other women but also have hands-on exercises to do on your own

Small group

The focus of this course is to get YOU ready for your performance review!

Learn with other women

Share your experience with the other women and learn from them by listening their stories

Tools and resources for the future

Continue developing your tech career, even after the end of the course, by using the techniques learned in this course

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Ace your performance review for women in tech

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