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Anyone Can Invest Now


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12 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Your investment portfolio should be as unique as your fingerprints. Create yours in just 10 weeks. Own your financial future.

Hosted by

Andy Gupta

ex-Goldman Sachs + Hedge fund + Private equity | Harvard Business School

Course overview

Go from novice to confident stock market investor 🚀

Create a ready-to-invest portfolio YOU have designed to meet YOUR unique needs. 🎯 

Gain clarity on your money goals and hit that buy button with confidence. 🧭

Start building long-term wealth for your family. 💰

Who is this stock market investing course for?


You’re a savvy professional who wants to build wealth in the stock market, but is confused how to start or have dabbled with mixed results.


You want to learn from an expert (20+ year Wall Street veteran), who is no B.S., speaks human, not jargon, and makes investing fun. 


You want to steward your wealth with confidence, keeping it simple and with a reasonable time commitment, not spending more than an hour/wk.

After taking this course you’ll ….

Be ready to invest your portfolio 🌱

You'll have built your portfolio, custom-designed for your investment goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance.

After 30 days, through hands-on activities in small groups, and a lot of guidance from me, you’ll be ready to smash that buy button with confidence.

Go from confusion to clarity 🎉

Shift from fear and scarcity to abundance. Push through what's held you back from investing well in the past.

Investing now brings you peace of mind because you know what to do, how to do it, and why you're doing it.

Own an investment toolkit 🛠️

You'll learn how to use the tools provided to make ongoing adjustments to your portfolio. 

Having mastered key investment concepts, you'll stop second-guessing yourself and getting spooked when markets get rough.

Have a close-knit community of fellow investors 👩🏻👨🏼🧔🏾

Classmates can become your “Investment Committee” with which to share new investment ideas or parse the markets. You'll build friendships working in breakouts, and find 2-3 "thought partners" you'll want to continue discussing investments with after the course.

Sleep better at night 😴

Because you’ve applied a Nobel Prize-winning approach to reducing risk, you no longer worry yourself awake.

Spend only an hour per week monitoring ⏰

It’s not over when you hit that buy button. You'll continue to monitor your portfolio with confidence. All it takes is an hour a week.

Your 10-week Expedition Map 🧗🏼‍♀️

Your 10-week Expedition Map 🧗🏼‍♀️

Graduation Celebration 🎉

Students celebrating graduation day!
Students celebrating graduation day!

As featured by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi at a global event with 15,000 people

I spoke about this course & why I want to share my skillset with women (Mastermind World Summit)
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Anyone Can Invest Now


(98 ratings)

Student transformations 🎉

        It's no exaggeration Andy's course changed my life. For the first time in my adult life, I broke the cycle of shame & avoidance associated with investing. When I launched my portfolio on graduation day, I felt so empowered. Andy becomes your best friend in this journey. You don't just build a portfolio; you gain a powerful insight into yourself.
Rachel R.

Rachel R.

Clinical Psychologist
        I used to think investing was complicated and time-consuming. I felt a financial advisor might be my best bet, but not understanding how they’d invest my money was frustrating. Andy's course empowered me to make my own judgments. I can now create a portfolio that fits my exact needs & worldview. I loved how Andy makes it so fun and approachable!
Ludovic D.

Ludovic D.

Co-founder, Kickass UX
        Before Andy's course, investing was daunting to learn. Andy breaks it down simply, so I felt empowered & capable from day 1. The BEST part is finishing with a portfolio I designed myself w/o overwhelm or blind guessing. I took control of my financial future & am now teaching my 11-yr old son!
Lanay J.

Lanay J.

Coach/ Consultant
        My biggest fear was losing all our family's money. After this course, I invested a significant amount of money in a portfolio I designed myself. With Andy's simple guiding principles and tools, I got past my fears about investing. What I enjoyed most about Andy's approach is his focus on making this fun and meeting everyone at their level.
Kurt S., PhD.

Kurt S., PhD.

Enterprise Architect
        Before this course, I didn't know how to invest on my own. I just paid the fee to have someone look after my portfolio. This life-changing class empowered me to face my demons about money. Andy bares his soul. His openness about his successes & failures enhances learning his investing concepts. Take this journey with an amazing mentor!
Roberto R.

Roberto R.

        I was a self-taught investor before taking Andy's course, but worried about not knowing what I didn't know. At the end of the course, I was thrilled to have a portfolio I was excited and confident about. The cohort-based experience is invaluable. Andy goes all out to coach you. This class is an investment in your future. Don't hesitate to take it!
Meghana R.

Meghana R.


Brandi shares how this course "changed my life" (3 mins)

Brandi graduated in Dec 2022.

From overwhelmed after a divorce to empowered...

How this working mom of 2 boys found her  confidence through this course.
How this working mom of 2 boys found her confidence through this course.

Meet your coach

Andy Gupta

Andy Gupta

I help empower women to take control of your financial life by learning how to invest and start building your version of financial freedom, without overwhelm. 

This is more meaningful to me than having invested billions over my 20+ year Wall Street career.

The difference between losing money or making money is whether you speculate (fruitless short-term trading) or invest (sticking to a long-term strategy).

I made my way as a scholarship kid from India to Singapore, Lafayette College, and Harvard Business School. My years at Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms helped me hone my time-tested investment philosophy and strategy.

The purpose of this course is to teach busy professionals who are rockstars in their world but investment amateurs or novices. This course is for those who want to grow their wealth with confidence, ease, and a manageable time commitment. 

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Anyone Can Invest Now

Brooke shares her transformation.

From novice to gaining the skills to invest confidently

Course syllabus


Clarify your money goals and stop self-sabotaging your returns

Your money beliefs impact your investment returns. 🧠

Assess where you are financially, visualize where you want to go, and learn how to avoid the psychological pitfalls that can cost you a fortune over a lifetime of investing.

Discover your deepest, truest motives for stewarding your wealth. Learn to conquer your “inner villain”.


Understand the key principles of investing

Successful investing is not mysterious. 🎩

It hinges on mastering a small number of key concepts. In this session, you'll:

  • demystify the vocabulary of investing
  • learn to use compounding to your advantage
  • understand the power of correlation, and
  • grasp the power of asset allocation.

You'll embrace, not fear, the market's volatility.


Build version 1.0 of your custom portfolio

Build a portfolio suited to your risk tolerance, investment goals, and time horizon. 💰

In this session, using prescreened data, you'll apply the investment concepts you just learned and create a rough draft of your portfolio. We'll build your prototype in real-time, as a group.


Master my proprietary tool to zero in on the best funds for you

Now that you can easily sling data around, I’ll show you how to narrow down your investment choices from thousands of funds. 🎯

In this session, you’ll learn how to use my proprietary screening tool to find the handful of funds that meet your criteria. No need to overthink or overanalyze your choices -- My tool keeps things simple.


Build version 2.0 of your custom portfolio

A random list of funds does not make a portfolio. 📈

In this hands-on session, you’ll play with the funds you screened in session 4 to build a portfolio that is tuned for your investment objectives, timeframe, and risk tolerance.

You’ll understand why you're choosing each fund, and what role it will play in your portfolio.


Optimize version 3.0 of your portfolio for the risk you’re willing to take

Enhance your portfolio even further. 

In this session, you’ll learn to use a powerful tool well-known to investment professionals to squeeze out a bit more potential return without taking on more risk.

It’s a simple but effective technique that most amateur investors don’t know about.


Test drive version 4.0 of your portfolio to sleep better at night

You’ll sleep better at night after you test drive your portfolio through your worst-case scenario. 🏁

In this session, I will teach you to run Monte Carlo simulations to estimate how much money you could lose should all hell break loose.

Don’t like what you found out? Tweak your portfolio.


Run through our “pre-flight” checklist and launch

Congratulations! 🚀

You are now ready to hit the buy button and start populating your brokerage account with your hand-picked ETFs and mutual funds.

In this session, I will address any lingering questions/fears/doubts, review key concepts as needed, and make sure that you are off to a confident start as an investor. 

Course schedule

up to 3 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    12:30 - 1:30 PM ET or 6:30 - 7:30 PM ET

    You'll pick either the afternoon or evening cohort for our live workshops, where you'll learn, apply and practice in small breakouts. Plus I host an afterparty after class to answer your questions.

  • Guided self-paced action items

    1 - 2 hours per week

    Learning is best when there's a specific action item after class. There will be some pre-reading for certain weeks.

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Anyone Can Invest Now


(98 ratings)

More student transformations 🎉

        I learned the value of not panicking during moments outside my control. Knowing that the markets will go through swings and the best thing I can do is to stay the course helped kick me out of the flight response, which would have been to take the losses and sell.
Simon Z.

Simon Z.

Medical Professional
        Andy's course breaks down complex topics into easy to understand digestible steps. It was great having my questions answered in real time and receive hands on coaching from Andy. The interactive activities with my small group made this course unique and so worth it.
Sandeep S.

Sandeep S.

        Andy's course is a great starting point for people like myself with zero investing background to begin investing. I am not aware of another course like this.
Shilpa S.

Shilpa S.

Lawyer (Fortune 100 Company)
        Understanding the key investment concepts and practicing with Andy's tools to do my analysis helped demystify things. This course could be beneficial and freeing for someone missing out by keeping their money in savings.
Carlos V.

Carlos V.

Product Leader (Tech)
        This course was very helpful and insightful. I feel far more confident looking into investments on my own with the skills learned. Andy's continued support is amazing. I am very grateful for the experience.
Phil S.

Phil S.

Hospitality Industry Leader
        Andy is a wonderful teacher: knowledgeable, patient & compassionate. Now that I’ve learned the truth of why people do it long-term, I think everyone should be investing. The approachable language in every lesson made it really easy for me to finally feel confident.
Amrita A.

Amrita A.

College Senior (Architecture)

How Selah invested her portfolio in 10 weeks (5 mins)

Selah graduated in Dec 2022.

Learning is better with cohorts, personalized guidance and expert feedback

Learning is better with cohorts, personalized guidance and expert feedback

Active learning, not passive watching

Live workshops and hands-on projects make learning fun. Unlike lecture courses, I'll teach a concept, show you an example, give you a prompt, and then you’ll do it in a small breakout group.

You learn by doing, not by watching.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to grow alongside you. Working and helping each other with the group exercises ensures that no one gets left behind.

Make new friends with people who share your interests.

Personalized guidance and feedback

In this course, you will create four iterations of your portfolio. Because I’m not a financial advisor I won’t guide you on specific funds to buy or which asset categories to choose.

But I can teach you to think about the composition of your portfolio and how to choose funds that meet your investment criteria.

I'll also provide personalized feedback after every portfolio submission. 

Community engagement

We'll have a private Slack channel for our cohort to get to know each other, post questions and answers, homework assignments, or anything else that helps us learn and grow as investors.

The community aspect of cohort-based courses has become my favorite part of online learning.

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Anyone Can Invest Now

The Top 10 Reasons to Take a Course with Andy

Shared by Rachel from Cohort 6 (in classic David Letterman style) 😊
Shared by Rachel from Cohort 6 (in classic David Letterman style) 😊

Selah shares why it's hard to learn from free YouTube videos and books (2 mins)

Selah graduated in December 2022 and invested her portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

What is the time I am expected to commit to achieving the outcomes listed?
Can’t I learn all this for free on Youtube or by reading a book?
How did you price your course?
I have a financial advisor. Why do I need your class?
My spouse already invests for us, why should I bother learning?
Andy, why should I make investing a priority?
Do you cover single stock investing?
I work full time -- how big a time commitment is this?
How will the classes work?
What happens if I can’t make a live session?
How do I get my questions answered?
Are you going to tell me which funds to buy?
I want to get rich fast. Can you get me there?
Do you cover crypto?
Do you guarantee I’ll make money?
Do I need to acknowledge a disclaimer?

Cohort 5 Graduation Celebration 🥳

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Anyone Can Invest Now