DeFi Masterclass

The traditional finance models are being challenged by primitives that are being built on the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Anand Iyer
Kedric Van de Carr


Anand Iyer, Kedric Van de Carr

Experienced entrepreneurs (Trusted, ComfyCoins) and web3/crypto investors

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A 4 week long DeFi Masterclass, a hands-on workshop to get you comfortable transitioning into the world of DeFi and learning how to make passive income, with Anand Iyer & Kedric Van de Carr, your DeFi sherpas.

See what people are saying

        One of the highest insight-per-second classes I've taken... and it's only week 1. Thank you @ai for the excellent kickoff to DeFi masterclass today.
Brian Rumao
Brian Rumao
Managing Director, Next Play Ventures, and VP / Chief of Staff, LinkedIn
        The Defi Master Class really opened up my eyes to a whole new world in finance and now I’m totally hooked! Anand and Kedric managed to cater the class to both beginners like me, and experienced folks and we all learned from each other...They even hosted office hours during the week and I know I can count on them to help me with any questions...
Margarita Golod
Margarita Golod
Visiting Partner at Pear VC
        This class has been one of the fastest time-to-value products ever. In just two weeks I’ve gone from 0 to 60 in my DeFi journey with the help of insightful classes, post-class discussions, hands-on projects, curated content, and an amazing community. Without this structured and guided learning, it would have taken me months to get this far.
Vaibhav Pandya
Vaibhav Pandya
Lead Product Management at Natera
        Just completed the Defi Masterclass with @ai and @kedric; what a wonderful way to fall down the DeFi rabbit hole, meet interesting & curious people, and move from reading to actually doing. Highly recommend!
Shiyan Koh
Shiyan Koh
Managing Partner at Hustle Fund
        Best experience of '21 so far deep-diving into the DeFi ecosystem with super instructors @ai @kedric & an amazing set of peers who kept the discord channels always buzzing.
Sanchi Khurana
Sanchi Khurana
Investment Professional at Kalaari Capital
        One of the best and inspiring course around - The Defi Masterclass with @ai and @kedric. Highly recommended, amazingly prepared and executed!
Armin Schmidt
Armin Schmidt
CEO at German Bionic
        @ai and @kedric provide all the access needed in DeFi. They're available outside "class" and are excellent people, super kind and the highest integrity. I've maintained a friendship with them since cohort-3, including questions when I have them.
Peter Kellner
Peter Kellner
Co-Founder and Founding Chair of the Board, Endeavor
        Awesome course and community! These guys did a great job and continue to be helpful long after the class ends. Very happy with the results in my portfolio.
Dan O'Shea
Dan O'Shea
Chief Risk Officer at Hehmeyer

Who this course is for


Traditional Finance Background

You are an investor, analyst or fund manager working in traditional finance.


Crypto Novice

You are a crypto novice and you are looking to learn more about DeFi.


Seeking Passive Income

You are looking for opportunities to make passive income with crypto and DeFi.

Topics covered

Gain a breadth of knowledge about blockchains.

Dive into the world of DeFi.

Learn about the basics of Ethereum and its significance.

Trade, Stake, Yield Farm, Deposit, Borrow and Lend using DeFi assets.

Grow your understanding of decentralization.
Understand some of the dangers of DeFi.
Gain familiarity with other blockchains (such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana etc.).
Distill the ideas behind NFTs, API3 and the futures of Ethereum (like EIP 1559, Layer 2 Scaling etc.).

Meet your instructor

Anand Iyer
Anand Iyer

Anand is an entrepreneur and managing partner at Canonical Crypto, a venture capital firm focused on investing in early stage blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. In his previous role, Anand was the CEO and Founder of Trusted which was acquired by in 2018. He has been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2013.

Kedric Van de Carr
Kedric Van de Carr

Kedric is a serial entrepreneur. He has a B.S. in Finance from NYU - Stern and has previously co-founded several blockchain/cryptocurrency businesses (ComfyCoins - Acquired; Unblockable - Venture Funded). Kedric is an experienced Crypto Yield Farmer and has been investing in Cryptocurrencies since 2013.

Course syllabus


Introduction to Blockchains

Blockchain is the fabric behind cryptocurrency and the decentralization movement. Learning about how blockchains work is key to understanding one of the foundational building blocks of decentralized finance. 


Exploring the world of Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance is challenging traditional finance. But it is important how the primitives you are familiar with in traditional finance map to the world of DeFi. We will dive deep into DeFi by helping you setup your decentralized wallet and learn how to trade using decentralized exchanges (DEX) and apps to lend and borrow.


Diving into Futures

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the buzz these days. You will learn more about NFTs and why they are significant. Web2 is the era we will live in today, but Web3 will be a decentralized movement that will challenge incumbents. You will get a glimpse into the technology revolution shaping the decentralized future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course schedule?
Do I need to need to know anything about cryptocurrency or DeFi?
I don’t own any cryptocurrencies, can I still join this course?
Can you help me manage my portfolio?
Do I need to own a hardware wallet?
How do I get in touch with my peers or my instructor between sessions?
Do you offer office hours?
How engaged is the community?
What is your refund policy?
Are videos and slides from the presentation made available?
What is the homework like?

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
Active learning, not passive watching

We will walk you through how you can setup your wallet and start trading on decentralized exchanges.

Learn and grow with a cohort of peers

Connect with your peers on a private Discord server where you share your thoughts and learnings.

Accountability and feedback

You will get some take home work that will serve as prerequisites for the following class.

Office hours

Weekly office hours with the instructors to help unblock you.

AMAs with experts

Ask me anything sessions hosted with experts and builders in the DeFi Space.

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