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High Performance Mindset & Habits


2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

2 weeks mastermind for founders & senior execs - design a personal life vision, build new habits, beat distraction & multiply productivity

Hosted by

Aman Merchant

12x Founder | Oxford/Stanford Alum | NYU Professor | YPO/EO Member | Biohacker

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Course overview

Get More Done By Doing Less - And Move from Stressed to Blessed in 2 Weeks ✨

Leveraging psychology & neuroscience, you'll internalize proven strategies to beat distraction & multiply productivity 5x

Mapping your personal life vision/superpowers & linking up with a toolkit of science-based routines/habits, you'll learn to access high performance on demand

If you're struggling to give & be your best at work, at home and your social circle community, this 2-weeks course is for you. You could be


A 1st time or experienced startup founder, feeling overwhelmed & distracted, and struggling to manage the stresses for growing your venture


A 5+ years senior executive, feeling low on energy & frustrated with a life driven by others' priorities & no clear life purpose


A digital nomad, unable to stay focused on your overall personal life vision & why you began the nomad journey in the first place

What you’ll get out of this course

An Inspiring Personal Vision ⛰

You'll craft a blueprint of your personal life vision that motivates you to aspire for higher performance every day - you'll stop procrastinating & need no excuses for getting out of bed every morning! Shaking off those limiting beliefs & getting that spark & zing back for life.

Your Superpowers Statement ✍️

You'll discover your superpowers - ones you always had, but which got lost in the 'noise', as you felt you had to do it all. By focusing on these going forward, you'll feel more energized and find achieving your goals a much easier (and joyous!) proposition.

A Distraction-Proof Lifestyle 😎

You'll map your distractions and develop an action plan for eliminating them, enabling monk-life attention for producing your best work and enjoying a distraction-proof lifestyle with your friends & family. And feel more liberated than you have for a long time.

A Kick-Ass Daily Routine 🚀

You’ll design a daily 'power' routine for upgrading your physical & mental performance in both personal and work settings, and see your energy, productivity & motivation fly through the roof in just 60-90 minutes a day - for acing those life goals you've always worked towards.

An Integrated Game Plan ✅

You'll no longer need to anxiously worry about downloading a random medley of meditation, health & productivity apps. Instead you'll work with an experienced human who will coach you every step of the way in building an integrated game plan that gives you courage to move forward.

Practical Frameworks & Proven Systems 👊

You'll internalize practical frameworks that help you get disciplined & organized in getting stuff done (well). And understand the science behind the tools & protocols for figuring out which ones work for you. The frustration & procrastination can end (and will).

A Community of High Performers that Get You ☺️

You'll be around a like-minded community of high performers and avid learners - one that challenges you to live up to your true potential. No more FOMO but JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) as you'll rediscover inner peace & motivation, making choices that deliver meaningful impact.

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Join an intimate cohort equivalent to an executive coach and a CEO mastermind group at a fraction of the cost.

Meet your coach

Aman Merchant

Aman Merchant

Serial Parallel Entrepreneur | Adjunct Faculty | Futures Advisor | Angel Investor

A mission-driven serial parallel entrepreneur, futurist, investor & advisor with 25+ years experience across 12 ventures in education, social impact and disruptive innovation, Aman is the Chief Provocateur at Radicle, passionate about transforming industries, cities and lives through ideating and launching ambitious platforms for solving the wicked system problems that challenge humanity today.

While co-curating RewirEd (global education summit) for Dubai Cares, he launched the MENAP region’s first Edtech collective (ReimaginED Collective), having previously managed a Global Grand Challenges program for Expo2020 & a disruptive innovation program for Dubai Airport Free Zone, curated Abundance 360 Dubai (CEO Summit with Singularity University) with Dr Peter Diamandis, launched Epiq360 (regional e-commerce & coaching platform for wellness/longevity/peak performance) and co-founded & led Impact Hub Dubai (global entrepreneurial network for positive impact).

A member of both the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) & Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), he holds a 1st Class Masters (Hons) Degree from Oxford University & is also a Stanford Business School & London School of Economics alum. As an Adjunct Faculty in the Business Operations Society program at New York University's global campus in Abu Dhabi, he teaches all things high performance. An Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence at London Business School since 2014, he is the MENA region’s 1st Impact Investing Fellow at AVPN, UAE’s 1st Fellow with OnDeck Edtech as well as a certified Peak Performance coach from the Flow Genome Project. He serves on the Global Council on SDG4, and was part of the investment committee at a $100m global impact fund (ExpoLive).

An acclaimed writer, he often muses on Medium about system change, moonshots, strategic futures, impact investing, innovation in education and of course, his pet topics of flow and high performance for entrepreneurs and change-makers. He loves hosting global conversations and apart from nearly 50 YouTube episodes on peak performance, co-hosted a 10 part weekly series on reimagining global education on Clubhouse in 2021.

Most importantly, he’s a father to two intelligently rebellious teenage boys, that he needs his years of meditation practice as well as his 5th Dan in Shotokan karate to manage the yin & yang for.

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High Performance Mindset & Habits

Cohort 1

$550 USD


Dec 5 - 16, 2022

Payment Deadline

Dec 4, 2022

Don't miss out! Enrollment closes in 8 days

Course syllabus


High Performance Base Camp 🧗‍♂️

All transformations begin with a brutally honest self-assessment. You'll set your personal performance GPS - discovering your personal performance profile & time signature, developing your activity inventory & unpacking all those limiting beliefs holding you back. Once you're done with this at 'basecamp', you will begin climbing your 'mountain'.


Mapping Your Vivid Personal Visions 👓

Using a series of varied exercises, you'll construct a personalized high-level vision on what really matters for you to be personally and professionally satisfied with where you'll be a decade from now.


Crafting Your Superpowers Statement ✍️

Each one of us has a superpower, a defining unique ability, the essence of what we love to do and do best. It's our own blend of natural talents & the passion that drives us to contribute in ways that most motivate us. Through introspection & reachout to those who know you well, you'll define yours, accelerating your progress to your vivid vision.


Building Your Distraction-Proof Game Plan 😃

Beating your distraction demons is the most impactful way for you to reach your goals. By studying a variety of strategies, you'll develop a personal list of favourites that will enable you to stay on task, allowing you to multiply your productivity and eliminate those frustrations that have often sapped your energy.


Setting Up Power Routines & Habits 🙌

Strategy without execution is wishful thinking or mere hope at best. This module enables you to accelerate your vivid vision and distraction-proofing strategies, through adopting and adapting a series of science-based & time-tested habits & protocols used by high performers around the world.


Making It Happen - Integration & Graduation 🎉

A day back in the 'real world' is often sufficient to undo all the hard self-work previously done and its thus critical to prepare a thought-out game plan for integrating all the key learnings, and bring them to life for the student and those close to him.

And course, have an awesome virtual graduation to close it all!

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Your real competition is your distraction. But when your vision is clear, the high performance strategy is easy. Distraction can be defeated - just needs a robust game plan.

Course schedule

8 hrs 'live' sessions + 3 hrs self-work
  • Workshop 1 - High Performance Base Camp

    Dec 5th, 5-6.30pm Dubai / 8-9.30am EST

  • Workshop 2 - Vivid Personal Visions

    Dec 7th, 5-6.30pm Dubai / 8-9.30am EST

  • Workshop 3 - Your Superpowers Statement

    Dec 9th, 5-6.30pm Dubai / 8-9.30am EST

  • Group Discussion : Office Hours

    Dec 12th, 5-6pm Dubai / 8-9am EST

  • Workshop 4 - Distraction-Proofing, Routines & Habits

    Dec 14th, 5-6.30pm Dubai / 8-9.30am EST

  • Workshop 5 - Making It Happen - Integration & Graduation

    Dec 16th, 5-6pm Dubai / 8-9am EST

Learning is better with cohorts, personalized guidance, accountability groups and expert feedback

Learning is better with cohorts, personalized guidance, accountability groups and expert feedback

Active LIVE in-person learning

This course is built around 5 live workshops hosted by Aman, backed by group discussions and time for guided individual reflection activities. No more pre-recorded and/or self-paced videos which sometimes bore us beyond belief.

Personalised, not generalised, learnings

You'll be your own case study, always working on applying the insights to your own personal situation, and leaving with clear action plans on bringing those learnings to life, the very next day. And with Aman having been 'in the trenches' himself as a serial entrepreneur, expect street smart insights & anecdotes, rather than theoretical abstract concepts.

Interactive and highly engaging

Aman has been facilitating leadership workshops for the last 20+ years, having worked with 1000s of global leaders at all levels of the organization. So, not only can you expect highly curated & nicely paced sessions that balance student engagement with top-notch delivery, but you'll also be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms.

Learn with a group of like-minded humans who truly get you

The best thing about cohort-learning is meeting real people with similar challenges viz a community of like-minded people who want to learn & grow alongside you - and challenge you along the way, to help you be accountable to your true potential.

Group office hours

Aman will hold group office hours to answer questions - anything about what we have covered in class. Or perhaps something else you feel is slowing you down and holding you back. Basically, anything else on your mind for helping you ace high performance for living your best life.

Of course, you can also just come hang out with Aman and we can discuss something totally random :)

Bonus : The "Cheat List"

What if you get hold of Aman's personal 'cheat list' of all the apps, articles, videos for each course topic?

No more herd mentality. No click-bait marketing. Just a no-nonsense list of tried & tested recommended resources for each topic in the course. This alone is more than worth the investment of time and effort in this course.

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There are only 15 places in this inaugural 2-weeks cohort!

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Join an upcoming cohort

High Performance Mindset & Habits

Cohort 1

$550 USD


Dec 5 - 16, 2022

Payment Deadline

Dec 4, 2022

Don't miss out! Enrollment closes in 8 days

$550 USD


2 Weeks