Channel Strategy Crash Course

1 Day


Cohort-based Course

How to choose your marketing channels (without spending on paid marketing).

Course overview

Maximize impact not effort

Over the past 2 years I grew a CBD business to $1m in sales + love from the Kardashians w/o paid marketing.

In 2022 resources are tight. This course will give you the frameworks you need to set your brand strategy, marketing goals and create your channel strategy plan.

Who is this one-day workshop for


Founders and small business owners who want to grow without spending thousands of dollars on paid marketing.


Early-stage startup marketers building their channel strategy.


Marketing leaders who want to establish a strong brand identity.

What you’ll get out of this workshop

Conduct a Channel Analysis

With marketing, everything must be tied to a quantitative definition of success. Set up your OKRs to align your team and resources accordingly and get more budget allocated when you see something is working!

Choose channels wisely

You can't be everywhere and budgets are limited. Learn how to select your marketing channels based on brand goals and needs.

Learn how I tapped into the power of community to build House of Wise.

Create Your Channel Plan

Learn the tools and frameworks to create a successful marketing launch or campaign through an omnichannel approach.

Create an octopus and not a swordfish - sign up to find out what the hell that means.

What people are saying

        Amanda deconstructs brand marketing unlike anything I’ve seen. She explains things in a way people can digest and apply to their own companies.
Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma

Founder, Sharma Brands
        This is the most efficient course I've ever taken. Amanda takes the stress and overwhelm out of building a brand. You not only get clarity on what to prioritize and how to set your brand for success, but you get an inside look at the frameworks she is currently using in her own startup and how you can apply them to yours.
Tissam Essafi

Tissam Essafi

Founder, WKND Cosmetics
        Amanda is a great teacher because she has done it and IS DOING IT. Marketing changes constantly; so it's useful and fun to get to hear someone who is on the field clearly narrate their fresh (and very smart!) thinking.
Kevin Prentiss

Kevin Prentiss

Founder, ProSeria
        If you are getting ready to start your company, this is a must-do course! Very succinct, with lots of practical examples that can save you thousands of dollars and show you a path to growth without investments. Amanda is a rockstar!
Vlada Lotkina

Vlada Lotkina

CEO, Classtag

Meet your instructor

Amanda Goetz

Amanda Goetz

Founder, CEO

Amanda Goetz is the founder and visionary behind House of Wise, a community-led commerce brand founded to change the narrative around wellness for women.

Amanda faced a lot of headwinds as she built in the regulated CBD world and had to learn how to grow without FB or Google. She unlocked new growth strategies out of necessity and excited to share them with others.

Former Head of Brand Marketing of the largest global wedding company, The Knot Worldwide, Amanda Goetz led PR, social, community, brand, partnerships, and product marketing strategies across the company’s international family of leading lifestyle brands, including The Knot and WeddingWire. 

15+ years as a marketer and single mom of 3. Join me to learn all the things I wish I had known when I was just starting out.

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Channel Strategy Crash Course


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Workshop Details

3 Hour Workshop
  • Tuesday, December 13

    5-8pm EST

    Create the frameworks you need to set your marketing goals and determine the best channels to meet those goals in a 2.5 hour workshop with Q&A, live over zoom.

  • Build a channel plan you can use

    This course will give you tangible takeaways to guide you in where to spend your time, energy and money.

  • Join Live, rewatch anytime

    The workshop will be recorded so you can watch again if you have to miss a section or just want a refresh on the material.

  • Unlock Amanda's network

    Unlock access to all of Amanda's contacts and resources for future needs.

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Channel Strategy Crash Course


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