Digital marketing fundamentals

Master the basics of digital marketing with this intensive experience rooted in positive impact principles

Digital marketing fundamentals

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursday live workshops
    6:15pm to 8:15pm BST

    Join us live for our workshop session, including an interactive lecture and breakout groups. You will do most of the coursework during class. Replays will be available if you miss a session.

  • Walkthroughs and core concept breakdowns
    5 hours of bonus content

    There are five modules to explore, packed full of templates, bite-sized concept videos, and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action. You'll be able to access all content beyond the end of your certification.

  • Create and present your brand bible
    Final project presentation

    Submit your work to our team of coaches to receive tailored feedback and suggestions. Present your final Brand Bible to fellow students and experts in an interactive graduation ceremony.

  • Receive your certificate of completion
    Completion requirements

    Submit our 3 assignments on time by completing your project, and you'll receive your certificate. Download and showcase your new qualification on LinkedIn, your portfolio, CV and wherever you want to practice some healthy bragging.

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Create a marketing roadmap that ties in with solid values to understand audiences and connect on a human level

Master the fundamentals of digital marketing and grow your business or advance your career

Come out from this intensive experience with your personalised brand bible

A transformative experience

        This course has made me finally get EXCITED about the potential of marketing rather than stressing about it all!
        I am grateful to all of our teachers for their time they dedicated to put the course together in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Thank you!
        Super excited for graduation but also sad as this course has been wonderful. So enriching and such a lovely cohort.
        I have implemented everything I've learnt and MORE this has been amazing and I will miss our sessions so much!
        Thank you all for such an informative and fun course. It's been a pleasure and my Tuesdays and Thursdays won't be the same!
        I've really enjoyed this course! I've learnt so much more than I expected. Enjoyed getting to know the other students and have had a wicked time.
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Introduction to Positive Impact Marketing

Who is this course for


marketing beginners looking to understand the techniques behind successful strategies


purpose-driven businesses or brands looking to create a roadmap that allows you to stand out in your audience's mind


professionals who want to use marketing to prioritise relationships over quick wins and stop relying on ads

Meet your instructors

Fab Giovanetti
Fab Giovanetti
Head teacher

Award-winning author and entrepreneur and founder of Alt Marketing School, Fab has helped over 10,000 people over the last 13 years harness positive impact marketing principles.

Positive impact marketing is a framework that includes social and sustainable considerations in your overall strategy. It goes beyond promoting your brand as it is rooted in purpose, helping to deliver lasting social impact.

Amanda Baker
Amanda Baker
Guest teacher

Amanda is the founder and creator of the 5 Stories methodology and she’s OBSESSED with helping founders and their businesses tell stories that connect with people.

Amanda's worked with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them tell their story in 5 Stories. Her methodology is loved and trusted by London Business School, Google, Capital Enterprise, Bethnal Green Ventures and global startup communities.

Course syllabus


Workshop: understand what drives your audience

Harness principles of behavioural economics and use powerful techniques to gain a definite advantage when creating your brand's messaging and buyer journey.

  • Develop fun and effective market research practices
  • adopt frameworks to leverage consumer insights and give your audience powerful solutions


Workshop: become the hero of your own story

By becoming the hero of your brand story, you'll define a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings created by your brand.

  • Connect to your deeper mission and vision
  • Maximise your story by presenting it memorably, deeply connecting with your audience


Workshop: apply consistency in your marketing

Understand the intersection between the audience's needs and your brand story, and create content calendars to nurture consistency.

  • Choose the right platforms and metrics to show up consistently and provide outstanding value
  • Develop content pillars that reflect your audience's needs


Workshop: how to connect with people online

We'll explore the 4-step formula to create relationship-driven marketing strategies that tap into your buyers' behaviours

  • Explore ways to engage with your audience through systems
  • Look at how you can build your story in public through social media


Graduation evening: build (and showcase) your brand bible

It's time for you to put what you learned into practice based on the feedback of our expert coaches

  • Refine your brand bible and learn from successful examples before presenting your work to fellow students
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Introduction to Positive Impact Marketing

See what people are saying

        When you're in a very early stage of your startup, it's hard to find the time to think about marketing, because you have so many things to do. When you are going through the course, you're not only committed to go to the sessions but also you're having a great time.
Charly Sturm
Charly Sturm
Chief Executive Officer, Rehub Forge
        The course is perfect for beginners and people looking to bring all of their knowledge together. It follows a plan from start to finish, and when you go through it you put it all together in the Brand Bible. You can action those lessons rather than learning things separately and not knowing how it all plays together.
Stephanie Dominguez
Stephanie Dominguez
Nutritionist and entrepreneur
        The curriculum is all about building sustainable frameworks, not get-rich-quick hacks. It's helping you build skills so that you can be the best marketer that you possibly can be.
Melissa Megginson
Melissa Megginson
Director of Community Marketing at Okdeno
        What makes Marketing School unique is the careful design of each class to drive better student results. We want teachers to become facilitators, instead of instructors.
Raz Wildrich
Raz Wildrich
Curriculum designer
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Introduction to Positive Impact Marketing

Hear it from our students

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Introduction to Positive Impact Marketing

The power of getting certified

The power of getting certified
For founders and small business owners

This invaluable difference makes our courses unique, as you get to work on your brand, get marketing feedback, and implement for a fraction of the price of working with a marketing agency or coach.

For employees, freelancers and marketing pros

Getting certified shows employers that you have a clear understanding of the core concepts of digital marketing. You can also add the qualification to your CV and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

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Outline the core aspects to support you in developing powerful audience relationships, showing up consistently.

Choose the right platforms, make marketing fun, sustainable, and effective.

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