Understanding your Customers - Product Discovery Fundamentals


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3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Understand your customers' pain points and iterate on your early-stage idea or prototype to create products people love. ❤️

Course overview

Build products that customers love

Are you struggling to understand your customers' real problems and needs? 🦸‍♀️

Do you have doubts about what product features to prioritise and build? 🤯

Are you tired of building products and features that nobody uses? ❌

Then this product discovery course is for you! 🚀

Who should join this bootcamp


Product managers who want to deepen their skills in product discovery, user research and iterative product development.


Product builders of early-stage products or prototypes, who want to learn how to validate their ideas and iterate their prototypes fast.


Product-related professionals (e.g. customer success, marketing, sales) who want to learn how to best understand the needs of their users.

Through the practical workshops, you will learn:

How to understand the real needs and problems of your customers 🔍

By conducting user research, interviews and workshops, and analyzing customer data, you will learn how to better understand the needs and motivations of your target users.

How to validate your prototypes and ideas fast, with minimal time & effort investment ⚙️

You will gain a solid understanding of how to validate your early ideas and prototype and pivot fast based on user feedback, without wasting hours building products and features with no real feedback

How to iterate your product fast based on user feedback & customer insights 🔄

You will learn how to evaluate and iterate on your product ideas and prototypes fast, through different techniques, and save time and effort on wasted development on features that nobody will use.

How to reach product-market fit fast

By building and iterating your product based on user feedback, you will reach product-market fit faster and grow your user base fast to be ready for the next funding round 📈

An exceptional lecturer who engages the students and brings real-life discovery examples.

        Amazing course for anyone who is building tech products. Darinka has lots of experience in discovery methods and is a great facilitator. I found the hands-on exercises and workshops especially useful because they helped me gain real-life knowledge that I can immediately implement for my business.
Irina Tarasova

Irina Tarasova

Business Coach and Co-founder at Sensera
        Darinka is an exceptionally brilliant product mentor who brings like-minded people together to achieve more. Her teaching style engaged me and all other attendees extremely well by constantly challenging us to contribute and apply our newly learned knowledge. The hands-on workshop was very focused learning for me and enjoyed this learning process.
Alfred Seeliger

Alfred Seeliger

Operations Team Lead, Fintech
        Darinka is an exceptional Product Discovery Coach. Her ability to understand customer pain points and guide you through the process is impressive. She provided me with the tools and techniques I needed to create products that meet customer expectations. Her expertise and collaborative style make working with her a pleasure.
Farid Kalirad

Farid Kalirad

Co-founder & CEO at Lemon
        I thoroughly enjoyed the product discovery course! Darinka is engaging, and always ready to answer any questions, and the content is presented in a way that is easy to understand. The assignments are practical and challenging, and the feedback provided is helpful for personal growth and development.
Dejan Ljaftov

Dejan Ljaftov

Product Manager

Meet your instructor

Darinka Burovska

Darinka Burovska

Product Coach | Product Discovery & User Research

Darinka is a Product Coach with a proven track record in building and scaling products, from early-stage ideas to building products with over 500,000 active users. 👩‍💻

She specializes in product discovery, design thinking, and user research and has worked with several early-stage ideas, driving their idea validation, prototype iterations and user testing until the product reaches its product-market fit and it's ready for scaling. 📈

With a certification in Design Thinking from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Data PM certification from Udacity, Darinka is uniquely qualified to help you build the right product for your customers. 🚀

She's passionate about coaching and mentoring, mentored in several incubators, hackathons and academies, and has already helped more than 100 individuals and over 10 startups achieve their goals. 🎯

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Understanding your Customers - Product Discovery Fundamentals


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Product Discovery Fundamentals


Hands-on Exercise: Value from Discovery and how to kick off the Discovery process 🎯

In this exercise, we will:

  • understand the benefits of implementing Discovery in your product development process
  • prepare your Product Discovery and Research Plan


Hands-on Workshop: Conduct Insightful User Interview 🗣️

In this workshop, we will:

  • understand the value of conducting User Interview
  • learn how to frame the questions to get the best learning from the customers
  • summarise useful customer insights for your next iteration and roadmap


Hands-on Workshop: Problem Exploration Workshop 👥

In this workshop, we will :

  • understand the value of the Problem Exploration Workshop
  • learn at what stage of development to implement it
  • prepare and conduct an insightful exploration workshop
  • practise tools for implementation
  • gather the customer insights and prepare the next iteration


Hands-on Exercise: Run your first iteration based on the customer insights 🔂

In this exercise, we will:

  • learn how to summarise all discovery learnings and customer insights and iterate on your idea or prototype
  • run your first customer insights-driven iteration 🙌

Bootcamp Schedule

Weekly time commitment, 5-8 hours
  • Hands-on Workshops

    18:00 CEST

    Every Wednesday, 2,5 hours long workshop

  • Weekly assignments, self-study

    3-5 hours per week

    Each week, there will be self-study practical projects for your idea,prototype or product

Build products your customers love ❤️

Build products your customers love ❤️

Practical real-life examples

We will work with practical examples that you can implement in your current daily work. 💻

Interactive and flexible-paced learning

With the interactive session, you can ask questions that solve your individual challenge.

With your self-study tasks, you can reflect on your learnings and be flexible with your pace and depth of learning. 🧠

Learning together is more fun and engaging

Learn together with your fellow product discovery enthusiasts, share examples, and learnings and grow together. ❤️

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Understanding your Customers - Product Discovery Fundamentals


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