Build a ChatGPT Chatbot For Your Data


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3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Join 100+ SaaS founders and leaders who have utilised AI to gain a competitive edge.

Course overview

Unlock the Power of AI: Build Your MVP In 2 Weeks Or Less

You don't want to work with AI. You want AI to work for you.

Learning how to effectively utilise large language models is one of the fastest ways to build and accelerate your startup or career today.

An AI chatbot trained on your data that works could transform your business and work in impactful ways:

• From a SaaS founder struggling to build a well-functioning MVP to having users and investors beg to use your product and fund your idea.

• From an overwhelmed developer to effectively turning ideas in your head it into a working prototype.

• From an executive in an organisation spending a ton of money and time hiring and training analysts to becoming one of the few organisations in your industry that can analyse 1000s of pages in minutes instead of days.

Now, you could attempt to figure out a viable solution on your own via "free" content and trial and error. But this would likely waste valuable time and resources.

It'll cost you between $8k+ for your average developer and closer to $20k+ for more competent developers to build your MVP from scratch over several months without guaranteed results.

Alternatively, you could look for an "off-the-shelf" plug and play solution, but you'd lose the ability to have:

• 100% ownership of your IP.

• 100% privacy of your data.

• 100% flexibility to customise for your use case.

But there's a better way…

By the end of this program, you’ll be equipped with solid foundational knowledge and tools to build an MVP that can accurately 'chat' with custom data and delight users.

You'll avoid the wasted time and cost of getting started by using our proprietary done-for-you AI Chatbot Starter Kit that can be installed within a few minutes without losing your ownership, privacy, or flexibility — no programming experience required.

Here's what you'll get in the program:

• Self-paced workshops covering step-by-step visual guidance on how to build an AI-powered chatbot for your data — our low-code approach makes learning easy.

• Access to live (and pre-recorded) question-and-answer sessions with AI experts on optimal strategies and best practices.

"100% done-for-you" AI Chatbot starter kit for your documents: Quickly set up a basic AI chatbot (including a UI) with minimal time and no programming experience to extend for your use case. 

Access to live office hours with Mayo to resolve any critical questions and challenges you're facing.

A free 30-minute AI consultation with Mayo to successfully implement an AI strategy for your use case ($300 value).

Fast-track assignments to help you complete your MVP chatbot faster.

• Curated resources, including recommended tools, visual guides, and templates to simplify and understand complex concepts.

Private community access to other founders, entrepreneurs, and executives building and deploying their MVP chatbot in every use case imaginable.

Lifetime access to course material.

Bonus: Exclusive training on how to "chat" with large databases and CSV files, and more.

Bonus: Access to surprise guest speakers, including alums and industry experts.

Bonus: Showcase your MVP to 20,000+ potential users across Twitter, newsletter, and potentially YouTube.

Who is this course for


SaaS founders & product managers looking to build a successful AI MVP for their industry use case.


Executive leaders looking to design and apply an effective AI strategy to transform their organisation and gain a competitive edge.


Senior technicians and engineers looking for the best development practices and tools to efficiently build an AI solution.

What you'll learn

How to train a "ChatGPT" AI chatbot on your private documents

Learn how to use the latest GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4 models to integrate AI with your data.

How to "chat" with multiple large PDF files

You'll learn how to use AI to ask questions and get accurate answers from large PDF files (000's of pages), doc, txt, and other formats.

How to use AI without compromising privacy

Learn the best practices for data privacy, whilst benefiting from AI capabilities.

How to optimise "prompts" for better AI accuracy

Learn the best practices for prompt engineering for more accurate responses from the AI model.

How to reduce hallucination and optimise speed

Learn the latest strategies to reduce AI inaccurate results and improve the speed of results.

Best practices and trends from AI experts

Get valuable insights from leading AI experts on upcoming trends and strategies to optimise AI for your use case.

Course syllabus

6 live sessions • 6 modules • 32 lessons • 1 project
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  • Bonus


    • Expert Q+A and office hour recordings

    • Bonus section


(17 ratings)

What students are saying

Meet your instructor and panelists

Mayo Oshin

Mayo Oshin


AI educator and consultant specialising in building high performance MVP AI chatbots trained on private data.

Mayo was an early contributor for the popular AI framework LangChainAI and has reached over 4 million founders and executives through his AI educational content so far.

Mayo has also consulted with and trained leaders at a wide range of leading institutions including AWS, Evercore, PwC, BCG, University of Pennsylvania, and more.

Harrison Chase

Harrison Chase

CEO and Co-Founder - LangChainAI

LangChainAI is the most popular developer framework for building applications powered by AI language models.

Chase graduated from Harvard University and later worked as a machine learning engineer for several years before founding LangChainAI.

Anton Troynikov

Anton Troynikov

CTO and Co-Founder - Chroma

Chroma is an open source embedding database optimised for semantic search and chatbots.

Anton is a a 'full stack' robotics engineer and researcher with extensive experience building complex autonomous systems and leading technical teams at major organisations including Facebook and Nuro.

Jerry Liu

Jerry Liu

CEO and Co-Founder - LlamaIndex

LlamaIndex is a fast growing advanced data framework for building complex AI applications. It encompasses essential features allowing you to both manage and query your data.

Prior to founding LlamaIndex, Jerry was a machine learning engineer at Quora and an AI research scientist at Uber.

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Build a ChatGPT Chatbot For Your Data


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Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    12pm EST

    Office hours and Q&A sessions to ask questions and receive guidance on building your AI chatbot for your use case.

"Automatically becoming that AI expert"

Testimonial: Senior Product Designer/Marketer, Damiano Redemagni

What people are saying

        I started simple by feeding it a 2022 financial report for one of my clients and asking a few questions about revenue growth and expenses. Certainly made it easy to get answers out of a 120+ page doc.
John Beradi

John Beradi

Partner at Fused
        Before diving into the course, I struggled to find an efficient way to integrate LLMs into my workflows, but after completing the step-by-step program I have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance work and business productivity.
Nikodem Grzesiak 

Nikodem Grzesiak 

Entrepreneur and Physicist
        If you are looking to take your AI knowledge to a level where you can build for businesses or just want to know how AI chatbots work, this is the course for your. Well put together with tangible application and in the end you will have a working chatbot that can be trained on your data. Worth every penny.
Karl Yeh

Karl Yeh

Senior marketing manager
        From the outset, Mayo demonstrated expertise and commitment to ensuring our success. Our team faced several blockers during the initial stages of an integration, and Mayo's in-depth understanding of Langchain was instrumental in helping us overcome.
Cris Ippolite

Cris Ippolite

President/Director of AI at iSolutions
        It was very helpful, it provides enough details to understand the subject, without cluttering it with details that might make it hard to follow up. At the same time additional resources are provided for deep dives.
Fady Bassil

Fady Bassil

Solution Architect
        Amazing course! A perfect combination of practical and technical advice with great examples. 
Shawn Hamilton

Shawn Hamilton

        I never thought I could understand coding, but your extra links are AWESOME for a guy like me who is a Civil Engineer great at Excel formulas but not confident doing coding...the value I have received so far has been outstanding.


Senior Engineer & Consultant
        Mayo is literally the best educator out there. And I'm not just talking subject matter, where he of course excels, but his ability to distill and deliver complex topics. Whenever the term "AI" comes up in a conversation, I can't help but bring up Mayo, either as reference to back up what I'm sharing, or as a recommendation to others.
Damiano Redemagni

Damiano Redemagni

Senior product designer
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Build a ChatGPT Chatbot For Your Data


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Here's an example of our ChatGPT chatbot analyzing Tesla's annual financial reports in seconds: