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Build a ChatGPT Chatbot For Your Data


3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

A step-by-step beginner’s training program on how to build an AI chatbot that saves valuable time and resources for your organisation.

Hosted by

Mayo Oshin, Harrison Chase, Anton Troynikov, and Lance Martin

AI engineer specialising in chatbots and natural language processing.

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Course overview

Unlock the Power of AI: Build a ChatGPT Chatbot For Your Data

Data is invaluable to organisations and teams, but the process of extracting valuable insights from large documents at scale is often tedious and wasteful.

ChatGPT recently emerged as a novel technology solution to generate answers to generic questions, but it often responds with inaccurate answers to questions about your custom data, documents, or knowledge bases.

By the end of this program, you’ll be equipped with solid foundational knowledge and tools to accurately chat with your custom data, retrieve valuable insights, and save significant time and money for your organisation.

Whether your data is stored in PDF & CSV files, SQL databases, or other file formats, you'll learn how to extract valuable insights for customers or internal use using the power of AI. No technical or programming background required.

Here's what you'll get:

4 self-paced workshops covering step by step guidance on how to build an AI-powered chatbot.

Access to 3 live question & answer sessions with AI chatbot experts on optimal strategies and best practices.

"Done for you" AI Chatbot starter kit for PDF files: Quickly set up a basic AI chatbot with minimal time and little programming experience to extend for your use case. 

Access to office hours to resolve any important questions and issues you're facing.

• Optional assignments to help you complete your MVP chatbot faster.

•  Curated resources including visual guides and templates to simplify and understand complex concepts.

Private community access to like-minded individuals and technical support for the duration of the program.

Access to the bonus section including lessons on how to "chat" with large databases and CSV files, and more.

• And more!

Who is this course for


Beginners in AI and programming.


Non-technical founders, consultants and teams in finance, marketing, law, and other major professions, looking to integrate AI capabilities


Professionals willing to dedicate a bit of time and effort to learn new concepts.

What you'll learn

How to build a "ChatGPT" chatbot for your data and specific industry.

Learn how to use the new ChatGPT api (GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4) to chat with your current data.

How to question and answer multiple PDF files and other file formats

Chat with popular document file formats in any length, including PDF, docx, csv, and more.

How to integrate AI into your database and APIs

Learn the current best practices for "chatting" with SQL databases, CSV files, and APIs.

How to use AI without leaking private data

Learn the best practices for data privacy, whilst benefiting from AI capabilities.

How to optimise "prompts" for better AI accuracy

Learn the best practices for prompt engineering for more accurate responses from the AI model.

How to troubleshoot common problems for your AI chatbot

Learn how to resolve common installation problems using tried and tested solutions.

Best practices and trends from AI experts

Get valuable insights from leading AI experts on upcoming trends and strategies to optimise AI for your use case.

What people are saying

        I started simple by feeding it a 2022 financial report for one of my clients and asking a few questions about revenue growth and expenses. Certainly made it easy to get answers out of a 120+ page doc.
John Beradi

John Beradi

Partner at Fused
        I never thought I could understand coding, but your extra links are AWESOME for a guy like me who is a Civil Engineer great at Excel formulas but not confident doing coding...the value I have received so far has been outstanding.


Senior Engineer & Consultant
        From the outset, Mayo demonstrated expertise and commitment to ensuring our success. Our team faced several blockers during the initial stages of an integration, and Mayo's in-depth understanding of Langchain was instrumental in helping us overcome.
Cris Ippolite

Cris Ippolite

President/Director of AI at iSolutions
        Managed to set it up properly...Honestly I'm not even a technical person and it was easy to do.



Meet your instructor and panelists

Mayo Oshin

Mayo Oshin


AI engineer specialising in building AI chatbots utilising natural language processing and retrieval "augmented generation".

Mayo has consulted with and trained professionals working for a variety of leading institutions including Inter-American Development Bank, Evercore, PwC, University of Pennsylvania, and more.


Harrison Chase

Harrison Chase

CEO and Co-Founder - LangChainAI

LangChain is the most popular developer framework for building applications powered by AI language models.

Chase graduated from Harvard University and later worked as a machine learning engineer for several years before founding LangChainAI.

Anton Troynikov

Anton Troynikov

CTO and Co-Founder - Chroma

Chroma is an open source embedding database optimised for semantic search and chatbots.

Anton is a a 'full stack' robotics engineer and researcher with extensive experience building complex autonomous systems and leading technical teams at major organisations including Facebook and Nuro.

Lance Martin

Lance Martin

Machine Learning Specialist. PhD Stanford

Lance specialises in AI and chatbot evaluation and performance optimisation.

He has a background in applied machine learning and spent the past 5+ years as a lead on perception for self-driving cars (UberATG), trucks (UberATG, IKE), and delivery bots (Nuro, following Ike's acquisition in 2021).

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Join an upcoming cohort

Build a ChatGPT Chatbot For Your Data

Cohort 1

$997 USD


June 6 - 22, 2023

Payment Deadline

June 5, 2023

Don't miss out! Enrollment closes in 8 days

Course syllabus


Introduction: How ChatGPT Really Works

A deep dive into how ChatGPT works "under the hood."


LangChain Fundamentals: How to ChatGPT Your Data

  • How to set up your development environment
  • The fundamentals of "chatting" with your data using AI


Troubleshooting: How to Solve Common Installation Problems For Your AI Chatbot

Solutions to common problems and issues.


How to Deploy Your AI Chatbot to Production

Best practices for taking your AI chatbot "live".


Question and Answer Sessions With Leading AI Experts

Learn about critical upcoming AI trends and best practices from the experts perspectives.


Bonus: How to "Chat" With SQL Databases and Large CSV files

Integrate AI powers into your existing database and interact meaningfully with structured data.


Bonus: How to "Chat" With APIs Using Agents

Use natural language to interact with your APIs and retrieve valuable data.

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    June 6, 8, 13, & 15, 5pm EST

    4 step-by-step self paced workshops on how to build an AI chatbot for your data.

  • Live office hours

    June 7 & June 22, 1pm EST

    Optional office hours to ask questions and receive guidance on building your AI chatbot for your use case.

  • Live Question & Answer Sessions

    June 9, 14 & 20

    Optional live question & answer sessions to ask experts for advice on your use case and insights into the future of AI. All sessions are recorded for you to re-watch afterwards.

  • Bonus content

    June 13, 5pm EST

    Self paced bonus tutorials and Q+A sessions on how to "chat" with large databases, csv files, and APIs using AI.

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Join an upcoming cohort

Build a ChatGPT Chatbot For Your Data

Cohort 1

$997 USD


June 6 - 22, 2023

Payment Deadline

June 5, 2023

Don't miss out! Enrollment closes in 8 days

$997 USD


3 Weeks