Declutter your business mess: Self-employed Edition

A hands-on course to streamline your small business systems in a way that's tailor-made to fit the way you work claiming back hours each day

Heather Thorkelson
Jonathan Stewart


Heather Thorkelson, Jonathan Stewart

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There's a big difference between working hard, and working well.

Join this 3-week-long workshop-based course for business owners ready to revamp their systems based on their unique personal work style.

Get things running smoothly so you can stay in your genius zone.

See what people are saying

        What I loved about working with Heather is she spent the time going deep and broad, understanding all aspects of my business. She supported me to look at everything with fresh eyes, finally cut ties with things I knew weren’t working even though I’d been working so hard to “fix” them.
Laura Cook
Laura Cook
Financial Strategist
        Jonathan gets business owners and brains like nobody I've ever met. Within 15 minutes of chatting with him, he understood things about me and my business that no one else had seen in 13 years. He has the ability to see people's true selves, and then how to use that as an asset and build a business that works because of that, not in spite of it.
Rachel Allen
Rachel Allen
Content Agency Owner
        Before I worked with Jonathan I felt like me & my business were at total capacity, but I wasn’t making as much money as I’d like & it felt frantic. My business was run out of my head & a stack of notebooks. Now I have an online space adapted to the way I think which makes it easy for me to organise my tasks for each day & delegate them to my team.
Laura Robinson
Laura Robinson
Copywriting Coach
        In a business coaching world full of promises & lack of results, Heather has a refreshingly candid, no-nonsense approach to assessing what's needed to make a business successful. She understands real-world risk & the resistance that can come up for entrepreneurs. She's been in business long enough to know what not to do & focus on what's important.
Hanna Steplewska
Hanna Steplewska
Aerospace Consultant + Executive Coach

Who is this course for


You run a profitable business but you've MacGyver'd your systems & they need cleaning up so you can grow your revenue/reach without stress


Your task list keeps getting longer and longer while the systems that were supposed to make things easier aren't actually working for you


You feel like you're settling for second best every time you open Asana / Notion / Mailchimp / etc and that there is no ideal option for you

What You'll Achieve 🔥

You'll uncover your Productivity Profile and leverage it to supercharge your systems

When things go wrong in business we all have a baseline response, otherwise known as your "productivity profile". We'll show you how you can combat your "base response" so you're not hijacked by procrastination or resistance or {insert coping mechanism here} every damn time.

You'll match your internal systems with your external ones

Systems are made out to be this super complex and over-the-top external thing you need to have. The truth is: you've already got internal systems in place. Learn how to seamlessly connect these systems with the business you run so you can stay in control when things go wrong.

You'll create resilient processes in your business

Most small business owners struggle with maintaining flow when the 💩hits the fan. We'll show you how to smartly leverage systems that match the way your brain works to ensure things won't fall apart if you suddenly have to step back for a time due to unforeseen circumstances.

You'll banish the shame of a MacGyver'd business forever

You. Aren't. Broken. We'll show you how to rethink your approach to the structure behind your business to stay on top of your game (just like those other business owners seem to be) and banish the shame of a MacGyver'd business forever.

Meet your instructors

Heather Thorkelson
Heather Thorkelson

Heather has been an online business coach for over a decade helping countless small business owners from Hong Kong to Amsterdam to LA (and everywhere in between) streamline and grow their businesses. She's the author of the book No Plan B: A Handbook for Incurable Entrepreneurs and Other Rebellious Souls, and a big fan of reinventing the way we work to be more human-friendly.

Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan has spent years as a Systems Specialist and Notion Certified Consultant talking to extremely smart, crazy-busy business owners who are working really, really hard (but their businesses can’t keep up with their brains) design the systems and support they need to build a business that’s a joy to run.​

Hand-crafted Curriculum ✍️


Workshop 1- Your Productivity Profile and why it matters

Any business decluttering conversation must begin with self-awareness and a keen awareness of how you work best. In this workshop, we'll help you identify you productivity profile as a first step towards creating the structure that supports how you function in your business (and the world!)


Workshop 2 - Your apps are not your system

The next step is awareness of systems, which are not the equivalent of the apps you use. In this workshop, we'll take a deep dive into your current system, opening the pandora's box of why it feels like you can never get it right. This is the springboard for the next step, which is getting it right.


Workshop 3 - Your North Star map

Most people get analysis paralysis around choices to make in creating a system that works. In this workshop, we'll focus on your North Star Map which will establish a unique-to-you compass for navigating all the options.


Workshop 4 - Rubber band strategies to keep your business healthy

No one wants to feel like their business would fall apart if they had to deal with life for a week or two (or five). In this workshop we'll work through a number of easy-to-implement strategies to make your business resilient in the face of future uncertainty.


Workshop 5 - Leveraging systems for your Future Self

Want to make things easier for your Future Self? Who doesn't!? This workshop will walk you through options for bringing more ease into how things run on the back end of your business that your Future Self will thank you for.


Workshop 6 - Space for scale + graduation

In this final workshop we're going to work through how you can continue to grow your business with space for scaling it in a way that your systems support, leaving you the creative space to...well...create! And we'll also have a little graduation par-t. 🥳

A short message from your instructors

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
No more zoning out while being talked at

No one likes sitting through long lectures. So we don't do that! Our approach is all about live, interactive workshops that help you learn faster and implement in real-time.

Learn with a small, curated group of People Like You

You’ll be learning in public through breakout rooms and an engaged community that want to grow alongside you.

Get built-in accountability for getting your systems 💩together

No more putting off the stuff that feels daunting - you'll be in good company as dig in to streamline your business in a way that Future You will love you for.

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