The Antifragile Writing Workshop

Avoid losing valuable ideas on fragile notes. Boost your writing and 7x your thinking as chaotic note-taking becomes your friend not enemy.

Adolfo Ramírez Corona


Adolfo Ramírez Corona


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A fragile writing gets broken with stressors. The resilient resists and stays the same. The antifragile writing goes beyond: it grows and gets better with stressors.

Let stress your writing and thinking to make them grow and get better. We make sense of chaos afterwards.

See what people are saying

        @adolforismos' antifragile writing course […] exponentially scaled my ability to process information. Highly recommend this course for people whose cognitive style relies on mapping the interrelations between disparate systems of information.
Allison Wilens
Allison Wilens
Creative Director at Sensory Supportive Design
        Try to take all that you've written and space it out in time, in no particular order, so that new ideas and insights can accumulate and emerge among the chaos that is your writing. Disorder and progress aren't supposed to work this well together. But the Antifragile Writing proved otherwise.
Đăng Nguyên
Đăng Nguyên
Product & UX lead
        Adolfo takes the time to help you understand how to incorporate antifragile concepts to strengthen your writing process….This course is a must for those looking to level up their writing process within Roam.
Rizwan Javaid
Rizwan Javaid
User Experience Designer
        He showed us how to utilize various PKM apps to help with the creative process as well as other software to create unusual writing conditions. During the course he gave us a lot of examples, quotes, diagrams, prompts, and exercises, and was happy to discuss our results and ideas and give feedback.
Sergey Zakharov
Sergey Zakharov
Web developer & alt-web researcher and practitioner

This course is for you if…


You struggle trying to keep a overstructured workflow on your tool of thought or note-taking app


You feel stuck in a note-taking system where new thoughts come from paraphrasing others and not in the power of self-writing


You are not getting the real value from your ideas and information and need a better way to process them

Topics covered

Antifragile Writing system

Discover and gain from your stressors—the healthy ones—to grow your writing and thinking with specific antifragile heuristics

SMACk Framework

Learn to Stress your thinking and writing to generate chaos. Mine it to extract ideas. And Assemble it to Create content or more knowledge

Roam Research & other PKMs

Know and learn to use the latest apps designed for personal knowledge management (PKM) or tools for thought and get brainpower from it

Generate your own original ideas

Stop just recycling ideas from others, apply unique writing prompts as algorithms of thought to get more from your writing and thinking

Meet your instructor

Adolfo Ramírez Corona
Adolfo Ramírez Corona

The solution of a problem begins before the problem exists. Learning is the best way to start solving future problems today. 

Most of what I've written in my 30 year career as a student, journalist, market & audience researcher, psychotherapist, teacher, TV executive, project manager, content producer, UX designer... most of that I've written haven't been shared or published—it has been written for better thinking & living

Today, I want to share in this course all that I've learned with you, especially, if you are an avid thinker, learner, and note-taker, this course is for you. 

Course syllabus


Why do we need antifragility? Why do we need PKMs?

Why stress can help our writing and thinking to grow. How to identify antifragility and take advantage of it. How to start using a PKMs (personal knowledge management apps or tools for thought)—to infinity… and beyond!


How I learned to stop worrying and love chaos. The golden rules of PKMs

How to find and use your stressors to generate creative and productive chaos. How to apply simple rules of thumb to use PKMs and make meaning of our chaos. Introduction to the SMACk (Stressing, Mining, Assembling, Creating knowledge) framework.


The heuristics of antifragile writing. The power of aphorisms.

Ants are better than organs. Apply these rules of thumb for more antifragile writing and thinking. How to simplify and condense your writing and thinking and think like Nietzsche.


The power of variations. The power of moving ideas.

How to explore form and expression with variations like Leonardo Da Vinci. How to apply sequential thinking to make simple ideas complex like Euclid.


The power of rhizomatic growing. The SMACk framework.

Apply the raspberry jam technique for thinking like Deleuze. How to assembling your notes and text to create content—and more ideas. SMACk in deep.

Featured Media

Featured Media

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Each participant will develop a personal workflow for antifragile writing and thinking with the preferred PKM app (Roam Research,, logseq, etc.), design and test their own templates, routines, tags, groups, etc. through a daily writing challenge...


Every week is thematic, with a topic, resources, exercises, writing prompts, algorithms of thought. Participants are encouraged to follow the writing practice around their own writing, ideas, or issues at hand. 

Learn with a cohort of peers

There will be a shared database in Roam Research for all the participants to use as a sandbox, taking and sharing notes about the topics of the course, and for some collaborative exercises. A Slack group is set for notifications, quick interactions, and questions.

Active learning

Every week we will have a live session via video chat with a duration of 2 hours. Sessions are recorded in case you miss them. Another hour of asynchronous work—reading and writing, basically—with a total duration of 3 hours approximately is expected. Teamwork and office hours 

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