Agile Product Ownership

5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed as an Agile Product Owner. Plus earn an industry-recognized certification.

Course overview

Product owners come from all walks of life and career paths and have an amazing opportunity to lead product teams, build awesome products, and champion customer value.

It’s an exciting role for anyone who wants to drive value for their company and create new opportunities for themselves.

But what does it take to succeed at being a product owner? Great question!

All successful product owners go beyond the day-to-day tasks of slicing user stories and prioritizing backlogs. Successful product owners are savvy in establishing and pivoting product strategy, collaborating with high-performing teams, and communicating value to stakeholders.

Succeeding as a product owner takes experience, but you can fast-track your transition with the right tools and foundational knowledge.

That’s what we’re here to teach you.

We have designed a 4-week live and cohort-based training program certified by IC-Agile to help you grow your skill set, increase your confidence and delight your customers.

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Who is this course for


New or existing product owners or product managers who want to dive confidently into their Agile project with tools and knowledge.


Technical and subject matter experts who want to have a deeper understanding of the overall product development cycle.


Anyone who wants to transition into a product role with the confidence, skills and knowledge to run with it.

What you’ll get out of this course

In-depth understanding of the role of the product owner

Practical knowledge of crafting and communicating a winning value proposition

Improved decision-making practices

Ability to build a product roadmap

Techniques to conduct continuous discovery
Comprehensive toolkits to apply and adapt to your organizational context

What people are saying

        Thank you to Carlos Oliveira for making me a certified Agile Product Owner. The course was most engaging and informative, and Carlos is very knowledgeable. This was one of the best courses I've taken in my career.
Nataliya Kovtun, PMP

Nataliya Kovtun, PMP

Digital Experience Manager at Sunlife Financial
        I’ve attended quite a few courses over my career and this was one of the most engaging, thought-provoking and well-structured trainings I’ve ever had. I really feel I got a lot of value from this and that hasn’t always been the case.
Shaz Chow-How

Shaz Chow-How

Product Lead

Meet your instructor

Carlos Oliveira

Carlos Oliveira

An experienced entrepreneur, facilitator and agile/innovation engagement coach with nearly 20 years of experience in product development, agile implementation and innovation leadership.

Carlos has deep expertise and experience in applying design thinking, lean start-up and agile practices within organizational environments as a facilitator, coach, trainer and advisor. Carlos has supported engagements with top brands, including Telus, Canadian Tire, Sunlife, CIBC, Microsoft, TDSB and many more.

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Agile Product Ownership


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Course syllabus


Defining the Role of Product Owner

Understand the foundations of Agile methodology as it relates to product ownership, including its principles, roles, and responsibilities.


Setting Vision & Strategy

Learn to develop a product vision and strategy that aligns with stakeholder needs and business goals by defining the concept of a product vision, identifying stakeholders and their needs, and creating a product roadmap.


Conducting Product Discovery

Develop a solid understanding of product discovery's significance in product ownership, and its role in identifying customer needs, validating assumptions, and reducing risk.

Introduction to various product discovery techniques, including customer interviews, surveys, prototyping, and user testing.


Building Roadmaps

Learn how to create, communicate, and maintain a strategic product roadmap that effectively aligns product vision with stakeholder expectations, prioritizes features based on business and user needs, and fosters cross-functional collaboration for successful product development and delivery.


Collaborating with Diverse Stakeholders

Develop confidence to effectively communicate and collaborate in Agile software development, understand the impact of poor communication on projects, create strategies aligned with Agile principles, and assess their effectiveness in delivering stakeholder value.


Prioritizing and Managing Product Backlogs

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage a product backlog and prioritize features using Agile methodologies, ultimately delivering value to stakeholders through an effective backlog management strategy.


Planning and Executing the Work

Learn how to facilitate sprint planning meetings effectively, collaborate with the development team to create realistic sprint goals and monitor the sprint's progress to ensure successful execution and delivery of high-quality product increments.

Course schedule

3 hours per week
  • Orientation

    Thursday, June 29, 2023, at 4 pm to 5 pm

    • Get onboarded to our online learning experience.
    • Overview of what you'll be learning
  • Live Learning Sessions

    Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 12 pm - 1:30 pm

    Every week, we will cover 2 modules through interactive learning experiences that combine theory and practice based on the ICagile certification path.

    Refer to modules here.

  • Bonus Sessions and Office Hours

    Scheduled Weekly

    Aside from our regular live learning sessions, we'll be hosting at least one bonus session on Storytelling Workshops, as well as post weekly office hours you can join to ask me anything related to the program.

Lead teams to deliver undeniable value. Faster.

Lead teams to deliver undeniable value. Faster.

Immersive and interactive learning experience

Designed with the goal to balance theory and practice.

Collaborative and engaging cohort

Join a community of like-minded people where you’ll have an opportunity to see how agile product ownership is applied across different use cases and industries

Certified by ICagile

ICAgile is an accreditation and certification body for agile training. We've gone through the process of accrediting our instructors and this program so you can proudly show your accomplishments.

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Agile Product Ownership


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