The Strategic Creativity System


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4 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Transform how you lead strategic and creative teams through new insights, tools, frameworks, and tactics. Let's unleash your potential.

Course overview

Practical, powerful, and proven.

What this course is

✔ A proven collection of insights and tactics for leaders of strategic & creative teams

✔ A new way to understand and develop your self, team, and organization

✔ An immersion into high-performing, innovative cultures and how they work

What this course is NOT

✘ Another design-thinking workshop

✘ A showcase of theoretical principles that cannot be actioned

✘ A one-size-fits-all prescription

Why I created The Strategic Creativity System™

➤ People are the greatest assets in organizations, but many overlook the science that fuels their productivity and creativity.

➤ Many essential leadership skills can be learned and honed, but they are mistaken for soft skills and are undervalued or ignored.

➤ I use my experience leading innovation programs and scaling capabilities at Frog Design, Fahrenheit 212, and Capgemini to unify the most impactful techniques I know and make them accessible to anyone.

The 4-week course includes

✦ Live presentations

✦ Practical frameworks

✦ Real-world case studies

✦ Group working sessions

✦ Q&A and large group discussions

✦ Live office hours

✦ A 1:1 coaching session

✦ Community chat & support

✦ Personal activity workbooks

Proven in the real world

⭑ I built this course as a greatest-hits collection of techniques I've used for years with my teams. They are clear, insightful, hands-on, and immediately actionable tactics that can apply to your current situation.

⭑ I've helped innovative companies like Samsung, IKEA, Bloomberg, Target, GSK, and Mondelēz use this system's techniques to apply creativity to business challenges and improve performance.

⭑ These tactics have been used by the highest performers in my teams to set growth goals, become formidable leaders, and accelerate their careers.

⭑ Over 1,000 strategic and creative professionals have already benefited from the material.

Who this course is for:


Emerging or Experienced Leaders of Strategic & Creative Teams

Elevate leadership, innovation IQ, collaboration, and problem-solving prowess.


Growth-Minded Professionals & Self-Improvers

Unlock self-insight, strengthen EQ, improve teamwork, and excel in personal and career growth.


Creative Thinkers & Innovators

Go beyond design thinking, boost strategic creativity, master problem-solving, & build an innovative culture.

What you’ll get out of this course:

Know Yourself

Uncover your natural strengths and limitations in 8K definition with an insightful personality framework.

Build Empathy

Understand others in a new light, reduce conflicts, and transform your teamwork with insights and tips.

Strengthen Relationships

Elevate how you work and collaborate with your peers, reports, clients, and leaders with key tactics.

Enhance Everyday Interactions

Learn practical techniques that boost day-to-day productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

Create Development Goals

Identify growth goals for yourself, your team, and your relationships.

Rethink "Creativity"

Gain a new understanding of creativity and how you and others approach problem-solving.

Decode "Problem-Solving"

Learn the fundamental skills of creative problem-solving that generate reliable results.

Overcome Common Team Challenges

Study the dynamics of creative teams to anticipate issues and learn how to get through them.

Survive Problematic Process Traps

Uncover the most common problem-solving process traps, then learn how to escape and thrive.

Discover the Secrets of Innovative Cultures

Unpack the principles and practices enacted by innovative cultures that produce reliable results.

Integrate What Works

Identify what resonates with your situation, what to integrate, and define where you'll start.

Student Reviews

        This course was fabulous. It helped me deconstruct the anatomy of teamwork and personal work challenges and develop a go-to approach for moving past them. Thank you for giving me this valuable solutions toolbox. 
Francine Wunder

Francine Wunder

Head of Marketing and External Relations, Panasonic North America
        Adam is an expert in his field. His course is engaging and interesting, leaving you with many new skills to apply to your work and personal life. The tools and strategies he teaches are easy to understand and weave into any role or seniority level. The lessons he teaches will help you lead and create meaningful relationships along the way.
Meg Keevill

Meg Keevill

Director of Media & Strategy, Colour
        Absolute gold by Adam who has been an outstanding facilitator, coach & mentor. I look forward to applying these leadership tools in my work– by bringing the value of collaboration, creativity and consistency to my teams. A brilliant peer network, open dialogue and strong feedback loop– it was a pleasure to watch values in action during this course!
Shivani Mehta

Shivani Mehta

Senior Innovation Strategist, LPK
        Overall, the course was very well executed. The content, homework, discussions, and instructor were all excellent. The activities were appropriate and easy to complete. I highly recommend this course to individuals or any group of colleagues who want to understand how to work more effectively with each other and within their organization.
Sarvnaz Farshi

Sarvnaz Farshi

Lead Product manager, Panasonic North America
        The Strategic Creativity System far exceeded my expectations. I found the tools Adam provided very helpful in discovering how I can work on my own career growth as well as overcome obstacles in my current position.
Lori Kopsick

Lori Kopsick

Senior Packaging Designer, Ross Stores
        As much as it focuses on practical implementation, this system is also about understanding yourself and the individuals in our teams. Adam has a personable, positive approach that makes the course accessible and engaging. I highly recommend this course for those looking to augment and improve the effectiveness of their teams.
Jason Bender

Jason Bender

Product Leader Consultant & Advisor
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The Strategic Creativity System


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What people are saying:

        Adam has deep knowledge and his calm, clean, and empathetic style brings a level of tolerance and human understanding that is invaluable. The team walked away individually with richer insights and self-awareness and collectively with a sense of respect and appreciation for each other and clear tools how to elevate our performance even more.
Brigette Wolf

Brigette Wolf

CMO, MyMochi & Former Head of SnackFutures Innovation, Mondelēz International
        Adam has a talent for simplifying complex ideas into easy-to-understand and actionable takeaways. Over the years that we've worked together, I've seen him effectively develop generations of new strategic and creative talent using his accessible and insightful approaches. His system integrates effective tools that empower both leaders and teams.
Marcus Oliver

Marcus Oliver

Managing Director, delta, Google Cloud
        Adam has a unique ability and passion to unlock the potential of people and teams. His approach - both academic and intuitive - is effective, personal, and inspiring. I have carried his tools, lessons, and frameworks with me throughout my career to deliver effective work and collaboration.
Jamie Podhaizer

Jamie Podhaizer

Innovation Director, Nestlé Health Science 
        The lessons in this system have been more instrumental than anything to my success as a leader and entrepreneur. Adam's tools are simple yet impactful and will instantly help teams to work smarter and achieve outsized results. I couldn’t recommend this course more to anyone looking to level up their leadership, strategy, and creative skills. 
Nick Machesney

Nick Machesney

Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, Truehold

Course Syllabus



  • Getting started with intros, goals, and course tools


Understanding yourself & others, and setting goals

  • How to understand yourself, your strengths, and your limitations, through a unique personality framework
  • How to identify growth goals for yourself and your team


Building stronger relationships and honing key interaction skills

  • How to build stronger relationships with your peers, reports, and leaders with key tactics
  • How to apply practical collaboration techniques for day-to-day productivity, like compassionate criticism and feedback


Rethinking "creativity" and decoding how people solve problems

  • How to think about creativity and the different ways that people solve problems
  • How to work through any creative problem-solving process with key skills


Common team challenges & process traps

  • How to anticipate, avoid, and remedy common team dynamics issues
  • How to recognize and escape the most common problem-solving process traps


Principles and practices of innovation cultures

  • How to classify the principles and recognize the practices enacted by innovative cultures that produce reliable results


Design, discuss, and evolve your own personal plans

  • How to apply select features from The Strategic Creativity System™ to your specific situation, and identify ways to get started


Wrap-up & reflection

  • Reviewing and reflecting on course highlights, celebrating peers, and final Q&A

Course Schedule

8 sessions in 4 weeks - 90 minutes each
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    11:00am - 12:30pm ET

    Eight sessions packed with:

    • Presentations and theory
    • Practical frameworks
    • Real-world case studies
    • Working sessions to apply the material to your context
    • Q&A and large group discussions
  • Before and after session homework

    ~30 minutes

    Each session will suggest some before and after effort on your part. You'll get out what you put in, but we'll never ask for more than 30 minutes in between modules.

  • Throughout


    Reach out anytime for clarifications or feedback. You can also interact with your cohort through the Maven community portal anytime.

Meet Your Instructor

Adam Rubin

Adam Rubin

I have been committed to leading innovation, strategy, and design teams throughout my career. I gained valuable experience from working at top firms such as Frog Design, Fahrenheit 212, and Idea Couture. By scaling skills and capabilities to hundreds of professionals within Capgemini and for my clients, I have impacted cultures, leaders, and teams worldwide.

My experience spans all sectors, as I have worked with new product development teams and corporate innovation groups within many Fortune 500 companies. Some of my past clients include Samsung, Bloomberg, Marriott, IKEA, Coca-Cola, Target, GSK, Prudential, Mondelez, UBS, and Stanley Black & Decker, among others. 

My passion is unlocking the full potential of people and teams. I have overseen the development and deployment of massive talent programs, trained over 1,000 strategic & creative professionals, and coached leaders to deliver exceptional results. Using carefully-selected and crafted frameworks, I help teams solve problems confidently, reliably, and effectively. 

My ultimate goal is to help leaders and teams maximize their impact through strategic problem-solving and collaboration. With The Strategic Creativity System™ and this course, I am directly bringing some of my favorite and most impactful techniques to leaders.

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Learning is better together.

Learning is better together.

Active hands-on learning

This course puts theory into practice through live workshops that apply new skills and frameworks to your existing teams and projects.

Interactive and eye-opening

You’ll interact with like-minded peers through breakout rooms, where you'll share and integrate insights from others, broadening your perspectives.

Engage in a community of leaders

Join a community of like-minded people who care about growth and doing consistent, great work.


If you're worried that you'll miss a session, they will all be recorded and available. Live sessions are best, but life happens, and you'll catch up easily.

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The Strategic Creativity System


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